What’s the cost of money!!!

The world is driven by economy, money and capital. Every time cash is required to have ownership over any products or services, even the pure and fresh air has some cost. The corporate world is at no mercy to allow any product or service associated with money. Then at this situation I have a question knocking down my heart and mind: “HOW MUCH DOES MONEY COSTS???”

A finance expert will start to find the relation with investment, an economics expert will search how it will lead to development, a commerce expert will look after its equality over the balance sheet, science expert will titrate the material of currency,  a historian will explore the currency used in the history but no one is able to find “HOW MUCH DOES MONEY COST???”

Well, I also analyzed all the dimensions of this wonderful world to find the answer to my own curiosity. And I was aghast to know the result: A mere amount of money is sufficient to cost a life of one or more person. To many of us, money is very precious against our life, emotions, relations, love, honesty, self esteem, ethics and moral. We try to explore each and every aspect to have some money in hand which make us blind to see our society. In this materialistic world MONEY DICTATES POWER; power to suppress others’ right. A meager amount of money is sufficient to buy someone’s moral, ethics, emotions, relations, decisions, rights and duties.

The most fascinating thing of Indian currency is – in spite of having image of Mahatma Gandhi, visionary of non-violence, on the note, it is responsible for more than 80% violence which also includes domestic violence due to dowry. We also had identified a deity with money- The goddess LAXMI and worship them for more prosperity and money and didn’t hesitate to use the phrase: “घर आती हुई लक्ष्मी को इनकार नहीं करते” for every immoral and unethical transaction of money for personal benefit.

I tried to identify the cost of money and my analysis and result concluded that there are sections of people to whom money is a measurement of satisfaction. Those who are happy and satisfied with whatever they have money is something very cheap and unmaterialistic to them and for others…… BEAWARE OF THEM THEY MAY EVEN COST YOUR LIFE.


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  1. Shitanshu Varshney

    bahut achhe…….

  2. Nirmal Pratap Singh

    acha h sir:)

  3. nice one sir….

  4. very nice yaar
    we all know that
    kanak kanak te sao guni , ya madakta adhikai.
    yah khai baurai jag yah pai baurai.
    money will do anything

  5. I remember the title, as I was asked this question by you last year. Your blog concluded well.

  6. really a grt 1 sir..

  7. 80% nhi sir almost 100% crimes have some or other financial origin and blood flow !!! its just that money is used to cover up the reasons too!!! only crime which is not monitory related are the ones due to mental instability… btw the post is good !!!!!

  8. Its really a nice article…..analyse a little more and write it……….

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