Death of Hunger.

“We compare the food with price but it is something invaluable, just stay hungry for a day and you will know its price.”

After the hectic class schedule which sucked me allover I was very hungry and rushed to mess to be the first to get a plate for the lunch. After a shirt wait my beloved mess worker gave me a plate. He is a cheerful guy always with a smile on his face. I would like to tell that these mess workers are very dedicated to their work. They work for more than 12 hours per day to serve us food. They always try to ensure the quality food but they are unable to attain the success, everyone doesn’t have magic hand. Let’s move back to my plate, timely, I got everything served in my plate. It was one of the few favorite menus in the mess Rajma-Chawal. As I was concentrating on my lunch other students also joined me. The menu made some of them frown their face while some faces were shining. I don’t know what make the people frown the face on food, hope the day didn’t come when they have nothing to eat and have to praise even those shit food. Not giving much concern to them I was on my food and invited my close and jolly mood friends to sit beside me. One thing I didn’t mentioned is that I am very slow in chewing and eating which is always confused with that I eat a lot ( Only three mediun size Roti and 50-75gm rice is sufficient for me); I took around 25 minutes for lunch eating and gossiping with friends. By now the mess was full packed with people of different eating behavior, no offense to any individual but that 15 minutes of show is really pathetic. The one to whom I hate the most is “The person which enter the mess with feeling that his hunger is comparable with a deep ocean and end with taking all the food stuff at once (Dunno, whether he thinks that mess worker will not allow him to take on second chance or he over rate himself). And just after a while he is not able to eat the remaining food in his plate and happily leave the plate filled with considerable amount of left-over”. The only feeling I have for him is “TO HANG HIM TILL DEATH UNDER SECTION 302 AND 307 OF INDIAN PENAL CODE”.

You might be feeling why a death penalty just for leaving meager amount of food. Answer lies in the video below. If you want the answer see it till end.

Click the photo to see how you may be a cause of death.

 The contribution from you in leftover food is requirement of someone just to stay alive and you are snatching that right from him. We compare the food with price but it is something invaluable, just stay hungry for a day and you will know its price.Even in mess you pay for what you eat and not for what you leave on your plate as leftover. There are crores of people dying of hunger then who had given you right to waste eatables like that. Take only as much as you can eat, if its less you will be served for second, third, fourth as many times you want but you will not eat your own leftover after 10 minutes so don’t think the leftover must be given to poors. Even eat that ‘shit’ if its taste is not up to the mark you will not die, but someone will be at the verge of death if you discard and abuse that shit.

Whenever, you feel of leaving the remaining food as leftover just think of the beggar you must had seen when going to your home and imagine what this leftover may value to him.

I have a real story of a mother who used to cook stone as a dummy to food just to satisfy her children that she will soon give them something to eat and tap them to sleep. And this went for more than 40 hours. CAN YOU LEAVE WITHOUT FOOD EVEN FOR 4 HOURS?

I have not discussed how the food saved by you will influence the price of food in the market, but I am pretty sure your mess cost will reduce and that is an example of influence on the price in the market. If every capable person take oath of not to waste food then we can save life of more than 2.5 Lac people in India alone.

At this junction I would also like to mention that why I prefer ‘shit’ mess food over delicious and yummy Restaurant food. If I don’t eat in mess then my share of cooked food will be discarded just as waste which could be a life to someone. I request you to enquire your mess worker about how much food he has to throw away daily when it is left over and you will know how many lives are sleeping hungry every night just because of privileged and educated people like us.

Hope my effort to make you aware of the Food Crisis is successful.

Always remember, “I can’t bring the change but I may be the first change.”


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  1. I understand the idea behind your analysis and a viability solution would have add value. You rightly suggested our left over is wasted w.r.t the mess frame. So y not pay whenever u want to eat rather than monthly or yearly payment. This way the student is money conscious in his spending and eating habits. Instead of frowning at the menu, eat what is affordable and what u love the most. Ultimately we dont want to grab some1 else plate and let them die. . Liked ur opinion!

  2. nyc 1 sir… its too inspirable…

  3. great emotions. high on compassion. You are on fire!
    Nice one 🙂

  4. nice job done

  5. nice one…!!

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