Media: The fourth pillar or hole in the pillar !!!

Media, said to be the fourth pillar of democracy and to which even Hitler was afraid off. We perceive their perception, filch on their serve, and look what they show. It has been a topic of debate whether Media is driven by the society or the society is driven by the Media similar to the grill what came first – A hen or egg ‼! Who ever is on the driving end the role of Media to support an effective and efficient democracy no more exists. There do exists few ethical and moral reinforces to the pillar but it lack strength to take load of 120 Crore people of India and 700 Crore of the world.

In recent upheaval in India against corruption media is said to be a great role player, but I doubt what were they doing when such corruption was taking place. I was looking forward to news of corruption’S’ by CM of a state which was being aired every moment but vanished when a 10 minute advertisement of CM’s political party took the place of the news. The only role media is able to play is to increase their TRP whether it be through BREAKING NEWS or BREAKING THE NEWS; They had learned to play with sentiments of people to earn cash. And more than TRP their bank account must be evergreen.

Media is now more of a profit making investment than social player. It is not to be said that few of the major media houses have investment from political and corporate leaders. And now FDI has been opened for this segment too. The only delicacies of news to us will be what is served by the giant player of the media market.

Media has become more of glamor, cricket, celebrity’s personal life, irrelevant unscientific issues and other hoax and rumors. It has no sole agenda. In a country where Government’s stats says that around 55 % of population are striving to survive each day and more than 65% children are stuck with malnutrition the media is busy with interfering someones personal life. What common Indian people will gain from those paid news if fantasy is kept beside!!! But Media will gain TRP. Where does the news of daily suicidal cases of village small farmers and farm labors goes! Which type of media is responsible for raising the concern for tribal and endogenic people who have been displaced but still looking up the sky for rehabilitation and resettlement packages. Who have to be concern about the transparency and accountability of Indian government? Err…CAG, they are at center what about panchayat level. Do the local correspondent not informed of local level corruption or do they get share for not publishing the news. For later I am witness.

The election, a great platform for media houses to play great role. All the positive news of the election’s candidates are published during this period. No one can know whether the published article are advertisement, promotion, paid news or real news. What people from middle level education background like us can understand is only the candidate is involved in good task. There even exists pricing, bargaining and bidding system to get the maximum allocation of space in the newspaper and at desired page. The real social leaders having vision to development can survive only to a corner in the page of least concern or even that space may urge for substantial investment.

Its not only the media, but we are also equally responsible for what are served to us through all the mode of mass communication. Their job is profit making and they will publicize our privacy; its our responsibility how we absorb and retaliate to those stuffs. If we are attracted they will make business of it else they will show the reality. So overall the media is informing us –> ‘WHAT WE ARE, HOW WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE’ and nothing else.


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