Lack of social security a cause for corruption.

I had wasted many hours just thinking why the corruption is so prevalent in the country even after so many stringent rules, acts and agencies to curb it, what is the root cause, how did it all may had risen to such a level, what can be the solution and how much time would it take to remove this evil completely‼‼! Not able to find solution to every question of mine, but what I was able to find something relevant and significant as discussed.

For large top level multi digit level corruption I am still finding the reason behind it but for the low level small digit corruption I have two reasons:

1.) Trickledown effect, in sense: “जब ऊपर वाले लोग कर रहे हैं तो हम क्यूँ नहीं कर सकते (if the person at top level can do it then why we can’t)??”” I think — सही बात है (truly said)‼!

2.) Lack of social security. 

First one is more of an attitude problems, it can be only solved with high determination of every citizen to follow ethical and moral principles. No policy as such can be so effective to prevent corruption because of that attitude. “भाई, ये अच्छी बात भी नहीं होगी कि निचले स्तर पर भ्रस्ताचार करने वालो को पकड़ा जाए और ऊपर वाले को कुछ नहीं हो बेहतेर यही होगा कि सभी को अपना काम करने दिया जाए, क्यूँ दूसरों के काम में दखलंदाजी कि जाए‼!” (Morally it will also be not correct to punish people at lower level and leaving person involved at high level. Its better to allow every one do what they are doing. Don’t interfere in their work)‼! ये भी बात सही है….. (This one may be also correct).

Now coming to second point – ‘LACK OF SOCIAL SECURITY’. Quality education to children, Health facility to family, good and proper home for shelter. More or less any people with even meager income of ₹ 32 per day is sufficient to eat food and our minimum wage is ₹ 230 (more that sufficient for getting bread) so I am not taking food security in social security.

You might be thinking how these can affect corruption!  Every parent wants their children to be an IITian or Doctor or atleast an engineering students. But at the same time we all know the fees for quality education in India. From where does the money will come for children’s education for meager income public servant father? Similarly for good health maintenance and facility one has to spend thousands in private profit making hospitals (if you couldn’t go to public hospital how can you expect poor people to go there??). Last but not the least – a sweet home to live, every person have a dream to own a house of their own and in this high inflation growth we know how much a house cost. From where would all these money come for middle income person??? And with increasing of salary and job level their expectations to acquire more social security also increases, and this might be the reason why each one from peon level to CEO level of most of the PSUs are involve in this looting-shooting game. Everyone is involved in corruption not by choice but by force, a self driven force towards more social security, a self driven force for peon to give their children an education similar to what the chief manager is able to give and chief manager want money to own a house just like the CEO and CEO wants money now because someone’s habit is not so easy to stop (means a sudden break in greed and corruption by CEO is not possible).

The reason for corruption at ground level is just because the 65 year old Government of India failed to provide social security, it failed to make us feel that our child will be able to study in school of our choice even if I am not able to earn sufficient. This will also give a reason to pursue passion to every citizen rather than to think of money security for secure future of family. Similarly good health facility and houses. I am at no level to think what would had been better – A complete state operated social security or completely liberalized private players in social security. But much confirm that the present scenario is deteriorating the situation at much faster level. With the GOI providing social security the only thing one has to worry is about food. For this every one must have economic liberty and enough purchasing power. Purchasing power comes when someone get paid for the economic job he perform, job comes from skill and education and education comes from school. So the circle again ends to the quality school. We had been fooled by Right to Education act, which says free and compulsory education to every child below the age of 14 (A lay person will feel delighted and praise for the Government but in reality RTE will hamper the education quality in India to such a level that no one can imagine). Chunks of clauses of RTE supports commercialization of education by big money players (I will discuss about RTE and education in other blog next time).

The need of the hour is to make a policy to strengthen the implementation of already existing acts, rules and laws, implementation is the only sphere where India lacks a lot. If we really want to curb corruption we need to think of social security before LOKPAL.


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