Praise Her !!!

India, a country with diversity where people pride unity among them.

India, the country which has always been nurtured by female; the history of Durga, Kali, Saraswati, Parvati, Lakshmi can never be ignored. The whole country bow before goddess every morning. Whenever men were unable to save the humanity women took the charge. Even during the Kalinga war women were the power which changed Ashoka.
Rani Laxmi Bai, the spirit of freedom movement.

The entire humanity is only possible because of women. India, inherited a culture of women equality, where the word ‘women empowerment’ was never heard off. But now we had witnessed a wide shift in our thought and thinking. The males are not only who underestimates the potential of women but women are also unable to know their potential.

The emotion of country is boiling with the case ‘DAMINI’. The country is protesting, marching, shouting, crying, feeling guilt. The media served us 24 hrs information about the recovery of her health. But our hope and prayer didn’t helped….
She failed to survive, she succumbed to death. Dr. Said she died of multiorgan failure but the real cause of her death is multi system failure. The policy makers failed, the police department failed and moreover the whole society failed, we failed.
This was case of one Damini, crores of females like DAMINI are molested, assaulted and exploited but we are blind to see them. Better we denote ‘DAMINI’ to all girls and women in India to whom we failed to protect. We must mourn to the death of liberty of women to roam freely, we must regret that we didn’t stood for the cause earlier and lost one more life.
The protest at India gate, the liking, commenting and sharing at facebook and even my this blog will not serve the purpose. We need to change the system from the root. First we need to make our own morale strong, females are on earth to operate and manage the humanity not to satisfy you.
As per database in India we have around only 18000 registered rape cases while in America there are around 90000. This is matter not to be proud of but to be ashamed that not all cases are registered in India. The social stigma, immoral behaviour of police and the slow process of justice prevents victims to register cases.
Don’t know why the GOI had not be able to make a strong law to protect our female family, don’t know how the administration failed to implement the existing law, don’t know where the judiciary lacked to speed up the process to punish the culprit and provide justice to the victim. Don’t know why we can’t keep patience and control in our own body…

I just don’t know !!!!

But I know we now need to work from a new direction, from the main reason of the cause. We need to frame a policy which not shouts for women empowerment but enable women to fight for their right themselves; they should need someone else to fight for them.

At the same time we need a strong law and a determined and committed implementing system, a more active police and a judiciary system on fast track.

Come, lets pledge to make this country a safer place to live.

Damini, we will try our best to diminish such hienious crime from our country…

P.S. The author eyes were full of tears and he was depressed when he started to write.


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