जागृति यात्रा — एक सम्पूर्ण भारत

Jagriti Yatra- Building India Through Enterprise. A journey emphasizing evolution of new enterprises in India, a journey to support new employment opportunity in small scale industries, a journey to empower and integrate rural market and rural industries with the rest of the world, a journey creating a sustainable path of better India, a journey of pool of like minded people who commit to the development of nation.

Not only this, there is something more unique to this yatra!!!!

“A Journey of discovery and transformation…1 Train – 12 Destinations – 15 Role Models – 15 Days – 8000 kms – 450 Youths and I was one among 450.”

Dynamic people from all over the country on the entrepreneurship journey, all above the difference of region, religion, caste and creed; all are equal. Jagriti Yatra Train better denote is as a small replica of an ideal India. Love, harmony, care and friendship binding everyone as a complete family. The 450 youths divided in small group of 20 formed a lifetime bond, bond of relation of highest degree.

Youth from different part of country with different aspirations, diverse dream of developed society, efforting in their field of interest to bring a change, striving to make the nation developed. All of them believe other before self.

It was a yatra to show the opportunity in rural India which is always ignored by the so called successful corporate, a yatra to show graduation or post graduation degree are just paper certificates, a yatra to acknowledge you with your self potential, a yatra to show how common people like us brought uncommon changes.

The fifteen days of Yatra is something I wish to have in India. An India of love and compassion to all; an India of no bar of caste, religion, region and languages; an India of sustained development; an India where people are devoted to self less service. The yatra proved that my wish to have an Ideal India is not a far dream, it’s very much possible but there is need of a collective effort and leadership to achieve the dream. The yatra made us to realize that a bed of 1.5ft x 6ft is sufficient to sleep and a place of 6ft x 6ft is more than enough to spend life. The real happiness comes from making new relationship with unknown person, satisfaction comes not from gathering resources but by sharing limited resources, joy of life is in taking grief and sorrow of others.

I don’t know whether I will be able to live in India of my dream but those 15 days will be always in my heart and those co-yatris will be in the centre of the heart.

Above all, the following song will always motivate me, and will always show me a hope whenever I feel down. It will always ensure my commitment.

“यारों चलो बदलने कि रुत है”


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