शम्भूलाल की पेंशन की कहानी .

Disclaimer: Although the post is fictitious but it resembles the very true scenario of how much harassment a retired person have to face to receive his/her pension.

It has been around a year since Shambhulal retired and for the last nine months, he has been running around to get his pension. The clerk has called him today to clear the files and forward it. Gathering all his hopes, he slept last night. Now let’s see what happens today.

Shambhulal resides in village near a railway track far away from town. His day starts today at 4 AM and he felt the immense pressure for relief. Community toilet is disfunctional today so he decided better to enjoy open atmosphere and went to largest community relief area – railway track. But today was different, the cops of  the railway were in a drive to catch and punish open air enjoyers.  Shambhulal was also caught and was sent in custody. After an hour after compromising monetarily, he got release. Being late he hurriedly got ready to catch the only train to town at 7 AM. But he could only hurry to reach the station only at 6:58 AM and was unable to obtain ticket. He boarded the train without ticket. And bad luck to his fate, today there was ticket checking on the train. However, again he managed to compromise with the onboard TTE. After an hour he reached his destination and while he was exiting the station, TTC again caught him. He tried to compromise but this time chief TTE was himself checking the tickets at platform. He didn’t have success and had to land over in prison of railway police. But in police station he was again lucky enough to manage and compromise and was set free by the police. By the time it was 10:30 AM and an hour had passed since opening of the pension office. After exiting the station he searched for the public vehicle to reach the office but couldn’t locate any. Within 15 minutes of departure of the train all public vehicles also departed the station. The office was around 3.5 Km away from the station and it was scorching sun in the season of summer. At the age of 61 years somehow he managed to cover 3.5 Km in 2.5 hours. At 1:00 he reached the office but to his dismay this was not end. The clerk went to his child’s school to pick him up from school and drop in home and will return only at 2:00 PM. Hungry and thirsty Shambhulal waited there till 2:00 PM. The clerk came at 2:05 PM but now there was lunch time in the office which wil go on till 2:30 PM. Nothing to do in mean time he just watched them eating and drank water to satisfy his hunger and thirst.

At 2:45 PM he went to the clerk to get the file cleared and forwarded. At first the clerk refused and asked him to come next morning. Hearing this Shambhulal fainted. Hungry since morning he hasn’t much energy to stand still. Afraid of the incident the clerk showed humanity and brought water and food for him. At 3:30 PM Shambhulal got conscious and to his surprise the file was ready but one more piece of paper was attached to the file – ‘Bill of food – 150’. Don’t know when he ate so much of food as he was still feeling hungry. Or might be the office made a party after he fainted. Whatever, the file is cleared for further processing. He paid the bill and received the file.

It was now 4:00 PM and last returning train timing was nearing. But to his dismay many documents were missing from the file. While he was looking for the missing documents public transport was calling for last passengers to depart to station for last train. In order not to miss the last train he opted to return instead for querying for remaining and missing documents. This time he smoothly returned his village without any problem. After having dinner he went for bed again with hopes to receive the missing documents next morning from the pension office.

Lets pray and wish Shambhulal gets pension atleast in his current life, we are in no authority to fix the date for the public work in public office by the public servant. Leave it to the mercy of………. No mercy!


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