Indian railway: Slowing the Pace.

ABC Express, 1@@@@, PQR to UVW,  DOJ: X/X/X.

The day was lucky enough for me as I got a seat in 2nd sitting general coach just before the departure of the train. But not all are lucky like me. Many of the passengers in the range of my sight were giving burden to their legs, while some were hanging over other and rest were resting on the floor. Train is running with its conventional speed confirming that  I will atleast reach the destination only if act of god doesn’t become any hurdle. “भगवान के आगे कभी कोई जीता है, ये तो भारतीय रेल है.”

It has been around 20 years since my first train journey. Meanwhile the maximum limit of car and bike doubled, we got supersonic jets, added to that cost of vendor facilities on trains has also soared- दो का चाय पांच का हो गया, पांच का चना दस का हो गया और दस का पानी पन्द्रह का हो गया, but our mass transporter – Indian Railway is still searching reason for increasing its speed. Let’s hope in next 20 years it finds atleast some reason. Easing their task I would like to help them:

1)      Increase speed because our time is precious (might not be yours).

2)      Increase speed to decrease cost on existing assets. Let me explain this with maths:

 Suppose train covers 1500 KM.

At present avg. speed is 75 KMPH, so time taken = 1500/75 = 20 hrs.

If avg speed is increased to 100 KMPH, time taken = 1500/100 = 15 Hrs.

The train will be available to cover more distance in the saved time thus improving facility and revenue.

And if suppose avg speed just doubles i.e. 150 KMPH, time taken = 10 Hrs.

In this case same train will run twice for within the same duration of time giving more comfortable journey to passengers.

Now lets move to the ‘passengers happiness Vs Indian Railway’ analysis in context to seat availability.

Designated Capacity

Coach No. of coaches Capacity Total capacity
General 2nd sitting 4 100 400
Sleeper 7 72 504
3rd AC 2 72 144
2nd AC 1 54 54
Total 14   1102


Actual Accommodation

Coach No. of coaches Designated Capacity Passenger over capacity Total travelers
General 2nd sitting 4 400 240 640
Sleeper 7 504 175 679
3rd AC 2 144 25 169
2nd AC 1 54 10 64
Total 14 1102 450 1552

So, overall around 450 passengers are paying full fare but still have no comfortable journey. If we analyze more we will find that many passengers who are financially capable to purchase ticket of 2nd class sitting had somehow managed to purchase sleeper tickets just to have a comfortable journey but alas! Many of them still don’t get their seats reserved. Let the festive season come then the passenger coaches are converted to luggage van – one loaded over other. Even no space to flip your eyelids and just pray to god ‘Nature didn’t give you a call ‘.

And dare to find existing facilities at railway station for which we pay taxes and fares- purified drinking water which is responsibility of government but had been taken over by private companies leaving only option of ₹15 per litre of packaged water. Even that also gives us purity of no surety.

But why should the railway authorities be concerned? Why to increase the service, why to increase no. of coaches if all are ready to pay for no service.

किसको फर्क पड़ता है, DRM के लिए सलून है, MPs के लिए बर्थ कोटा है, bureaucrats के लिए हवाई जहाज है, और मिनिस्टर के लिए तो पूरा भारतीय रेल ही है, किसको फर्क पड़ता है!!!

On behalf of passengers who are left over the mercy of Indian railway, passengers waiting for the waiting list to be cleared, passengers traveling in 2nd sitting coach as luggage,  its my humble request to the concerned authority of Indian Railway please travel from any ordinary train just for 15 minutes and feel the experience to which we are forced to enjoy. Please bring something better in this budget session to bring atleast a ray of hope to us for better train journey to our next generation….


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