What is Wrong, What is Right!!!

In my every journey through train I have always been a spectator to the poor children roaming for alms knocking each and every passenger on the travel. Even after being ditched by almost everyone their urge for alms of even a rupee doesn’t dismount.

Just at the entrance to coach of a train a remarkable red bordered notice informing passenger not to encourage beggars attract everyone’s attention but as soon the train departs relay of drifters wandering in the coach can be easily seen. Some of them choose the task of brooming the floor, others tries to entertain us with their virtual talent and asks for some in money in return of their service while the rest just stretch their hand for alms.

While all my co-passengers take notice of their poverty stricken shaky life which, they think, forces them to engage in this sort of activity and they have no choice but to beg drops a coin to them ensuring his hands doesn’t touches them. I had always resisted owing them any penny advocating my decision on following basis:

1. The red bordered information poster.

2. My statistical calculation.

The red bordered poster had not much impact on my decision; the core decisive factor is second one. I am trying to explain it here with some real situation assumptions:

Let us suppose of these 7 passengers only one of them alms Re.1.

Alms received (in )

Average no. of passenger in a compartment



No. of compartments in a coach:



Minimum no. of coaches in a train:



Minimum no. of train running in that route:


900 per day.

Even after parting off 2/3rd of the earned amount to the coordinator of this racket he owns a sum of ₹ 200, and not to forget that everywhere my assumption is minimum. The amount owned will be much more for actual case. It is this much money gained without being engaged in any short of hard work which forces them to this kind of activity and not their poverty stricken shaky life.

And here I endorse the poster of railway urging passenger not to encourage beggars as it will be injustice to the laborers and workers of unorganized sector whose daily wage earning merely reaches ₹ 200 even after working tirelessly in scorching sun. This entire racket of beggars in the country is hampering the economy in some short of way and I must not encourage it.

This was my thought until recently when one of my co-passengers in my travel to Ranchi made remark to a child beggar – “पढाई लिखाई करते नहीं हो केवल भीख मांगते रहो”. I ended with the last thought how will they study, where will they study, who will teach them and from where he will arrange money for the ever soaring cost of education, and however if they study in any ill-functioned government school from where will they earn money to eat and survive (mid-day meal is just for mid-day), and even if they are enough fortunate to sustainably receive education will it be worth to get employment in this employment ridden scenario.

Now again I am perplexed- What is Wrong, What is Right‼! The only thing I know in context of them is – they didn’t have any opportunity and chance to come in the mainstream, as we are enough privileged to have.


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