The Tamil of India and Lanka.

Tamil Nadu is facing a sort of upheaval concerning the condition of life of Tamil population in Sri Lanka. Mass of students, politicians, artists and Tamil Nadu’s citizens went for street protest in support of Tamils in North Sri Lanka and against the Sinahlese Government of Sri Lanka. The present situation in Sri Lanka is result of suppressing and prohibiting the culture, language, history, religion, and tradition of Tamils in Jaffna (region in North Sri Lanka) by Sri Lankan government over years and forcefully imposing to them culture, language, history, religion, and tradition of Sinhalese. This resulted in retaliation by extremists of LTTE in Tamil Eelam region of Sri Lanka. After downfall of LTTE Sri Lankan government is trying to cease the existence of Tamils from North Sri Lanka.

Tamil population of North Sri Lanka inhabits since 2nd BC and had developed almost similar culture, language, history, religion, and tradition through regular trade and economic activity in long history. Indian Tamils consider them their part and are sentimentally attached to them. This is similar to the position of attachment between Hindu of India and Pakistan, Mongoloid tribe of Nagaland and Myanmar, Muslims of Pakistan and Kashmir Valley. The political parties of Tamil Nadu are exploiting these sentiments for their vote banks. Their protest is demanding GOI to take immediate action against Sri Lanka while GOI is observing this issue only of Tamils to whom they consider citizens of Tamil Nadu and not citizens of India.

The first thought what come to a Nationalist is – “Why GOI be concerned about matter of another country and be critic to their sovereign activity. Sri Lanka is maintaining their sovereignty similar to what India is doing against extremists. If Tamils have problem in Sri Lanka they must return to India. Why should we interfere in their internal matter‼!”

Giving rational thought one can easily come to conclusions which are not only on Humanitarian ground but also economically significant to India.

Lets first give look to economic significance. If condition of Tamils in Sri Lanka further deters they will eventually refuge to Tamil Nadu (India). This will create a burden to already poor economic sustenance of Tamil Nadu. They will not settle at this only but will go for street protest against Sri Lankan government along with citizens of Tamil Nadu which will for sure become violent damaging life and property and halting the economy of state or even country. Till LTTE was operating in Sri Lankan Tamils were in their shelter but now they will for sure try to refuge to India.

It is also humanitarian and moral obligation of any democratic country to prevent human rights violation in its neighboring country if it is in their capacity. There exists a fear for sure of hampering external relation with Sri Lanka but some other country might be influenced and inspired by our obligation to protect human rights and they will ally with us. However improving trade relation with Sri Lanka and tackling the matter diplomatically will carve out a better solution without scratching the relation.

 If Sri Lankan government had behaved democratically and had allowed liberty to Tamils to follow their own culture, language, history, religion, and tradition in a state where they can enjoy their autonomy (just like states in India) they all might be living in harmony. Late Indira Gandhi (Ex-PM, India) may also be held responsible for present scenario as she overlooked and allowed LTTE rebel training camp operation in India. If she have had diplomatic talk with Sri Lanka during her tenure the situation might had been different. She should have played her role in Sri Lanka’s case similar to her role in Bangladesh but in a softer way.

Now situation is at the worse end and GOI can’t be just a spectator and must actively tackle the issue.

v GOI must talk diplomatically with Gov of Sri Lanka suggesting them to allow Tamils liberty to their culture, language, history, religion, and tradition in their own autonomous state.

v If GOI wants to fears of relations and need to keep it smooth then they must intervene in the matter indirectly through United Nation.


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