My First Day in Kartavya…

The sunny day of 15th August 2008 is inscribed in memory which will last forever. It was the day when I along with two of my new friends – Irfan and Sanjiv reached the Lahbani Basti to attend Independence Day function of Kartavya. I was in first year and no first year students were invited verbally by any of the volunteer. It was enticement of social service and sight of formal notice about the function that lured me to the venue. It was first time I observed that even senior fears of juniors. Our unexpected arrival in the basti worried many of the senior- ‘How we reached there’ and in prevailing strict environment of anti-ragging seniors may be scolded for our act. Whatever, we were welcomed whole heartedly and our interaction with seniors took off. We were intently asked to sit in the midst of crowd so that even if any faculty comes we be not visible to them. Yes! The performance of students was more than what I expected, their talent was intact, and their energy was sufficient to rock the earth.  The only tint to them was their underprivileged economic condition which this material world and pro-status society needs to reckon someone. Might have that event being performed in any sophisticated auditorium with full sound and music arrangement it had been a rock show.

Meanwhile, strong wind plunged down the banner which was at the back of temporary wooden stage. Being in first year we are assigned to keep hold the banner high till the event goes on. Yes, it may be called a form of ragging; but it also came with fortune to closely watch the performances. The relaxation came when the performance was to cease but the public demand to one more exhilarating performance delayed it few more minutes.

Finally, the performances came to end for important purpose to commence- Parent teacher meeting and motivational story telling followed by our introduction and experience sharing. While lot many problems and issues were being discussed between volunteers and parents I was being called by each and every senior and introducing myself to each one of them in the painstaking prescribed format. Yes, it made successful interaction with many seniors who are till now a sort of mentor to me.

Whole function extended a bit late to noon and finally came my slot for introduction and experience sharing to the Kartavya Team.

Experience Sharing: I can’t decipher now the exact feelings and emotion what I articulated about my experience of the event on that day but it was for sure that Kartavya was going to change my perception of life and success and I was going to serve it for my lifetime in whatever way I could.

The Independence Day function closes off with group photograph and I was overwhelmed to be part of that photo frame. And from that day I call myself a part of TEAM KARTAVYA and proud to be its volunteer.


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