The ISM…

So came last few days of ISM and the time to gather memories of ISM life. Don’t know how these five years of life passed on so quickly. It was the same day 5 years back when I bubbled on OMR sheet of JEE exam deciding my destiny to ISM and today is also the same date but with different occasion. Today it’s the time to recall and cherish best moments with the pals (Gals‼ They are not in Mining  Engg.), the time to be blessed by our beloved teachers for all the luck in life ahead, the time to confess our mischief in class or group, the time to collect love of juniors, the time to endow the legacy of department to juniors along with all the love we have, the time to bond the relation with alma mater, Today it’s the time for farewell, the time to bid official goodbye to ISM and ISM life. Wish! The days never pass.

July 22, 2008 the date to enter college along with all unknown face, with all the fears of being ragged by rusty seniors, with all the excitement to start college life and of course with a hope to have a girl friend (it’s still a hope‼). The days of first years are ever-memorial. The days of ragging, better to say time of ragging which was always mid of the night – 2-3 A.M. are really some moment which are inscribed in mind forever and specially specific act of some batchmates during the tense moments of ragging – being locked in the room instead of going to common room and seniors scratches his throats to gather the mass for ragging.

It is always the first year only when you are highly enthusiast, full of energy and ample time to work in all the societies and events. Same was with me. I got associated with Kartavya, blood line and such similar societies; though in second year with more burden of work I couldn’t continue with blood line but with Kartavya I am still associated. The ill-tradition of ‘Matiayopan’ of ISM was also not a word alien to me and I was very much engulfed in it in last days of ISM.

The days passed on with all the trough and trove until it was last year when the batch with whom we had spent 4 years were about to leave (No, I didn’t got any back but it’s Dual Degree- Panch Warsiya Yojna 😛 ). The moments were emotional, having feeling of how the next one year without close friends will pass on; thanks to lovely juniors who never made me to feel away from close friends in last year of college and many of them are even closer now. My life in college was surrounded with invaluable batch-mates and precious juniors and will never ever forget their company.

The days in ISM can’t be described in mere words of blog – I lived it full, I enjoyed it to the fullest, the journey from Opal to Jasper will be inscribed with golden letter on the hard disk of heart. And here I have last few words:

“Looking back to 2008, when I was having choice to select between ISM Dhanbad or one of the top NITs where I could have better branch and with better future scope. But I chose Mining Engg dual. at ISM dhanbad.

I think, I would have been good engineer and technocrat if my decision would have been NITs.

But now at ISM Dhanbad, I think it was a far better decision. ISM, you not only made me an engineer but also developed in me a social feeling, you made me a human being. I feel proud that I was able to solve for only 185 marks in JEE 08 just to enter ISM. All that I have I owe to you. :)”


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