Something Fascinating about RTI

Whenever I go to a public department to file an RTI most of the time I feel that I am the first person to seek some information from that department under RTI act 2005; or other case might be that the public personals intently pretends that I am the first person to submit RTI application. Whatever be the case submitting an RTI application is a fascinating process and I had always enjoyed it.

Factually speaking, just an RTI application rarely do harm to any of the public official, it’s just a tool to get information. They are always safe until that information is processed, analysed and further action is taken based on that information, probability of which is not more than 20%. But I always observe a pale color on their face whenever I ask him who will accept the RTI application. Their very jolly face, which was chirping with their colleagues till now, is strayed with trepidation of an RTI application. And here starts the typical ‘sarkari baaboo’ attitude of our Sarkari Baaboo. They pretend that they are still unknown to RTI act and don’t know who and how the application will be received. They make me to wander to different table. I also like to do so because it let me observe and enjoy different facial expression and apprehension of public personal. Alas! There are always two people who have to accept the application – one is ‘The Bada Baaboo’ and other one is the staff who receives posts at dispatch section. Bada Baaboo always finds it easy to pool off from the responsibility of accepting the application as he can order the staff to accept the application. The staff is also dismayed of the application but his reason is something else- he is feared of harsh word from his superiors to whom the application is intended for.

In recent one I went nostalgic. This time I was very adamant to make my application accepted to a department which was not directly concerned to the matter of application. The scorching sun and intolerable temperature made me to stick to my adamancy. Who the hell will walk a Kilometer to go to other department if matter is somewhat concerned with present one‼!
Don’t know why but none of the public official talks to RTI applicant familiarly and try to avoid them. I was also duped of his negligence and with this frustration I kept following him until he accepts my application. I got motivated by a quote of Swami Vivekananda hanged over there –‘Rise, Awake and Strive till your mission is accomplished’ and that’s was enough to boost me to keep him following and annoying him. My nostalgia met the zenith when he was going for pee and I beckoned him ‘where is he going without accepting my application, he is not bound to go anywhere before receiving my application’. When I was just about to say – ‘application lene mein darne wali kya baat hai jo aap office chhodker bhaag rahe ho‼!’ He annoyingly cried – ‘****** karne jaane bhi nahi doge kya‼!’

The fact that just an RTI application can’t prevent corruption until the information collected is processed further; in my opinion it’s not always true. Even filing an RTI can bring a sense of alarm to the public offices and public personal and this small apprehension will fetch a bit of transparency. I had observed this change in many departments and for this bit of change I always make the effort‼!


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  1. Rightly said sir, had a similar experience when filed for RTI . The sheer terror in the eyes of these babus makes it worthwhile to run from desks to desks, makes you feel that we do have a tool to stop corruption.

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