The IIT – Passion, Lust or just a brand for en-cashment…

Whenever I fly over the road from home I see herd of students with loads of books on their shoulder hurrying for coaching or tuition classes. What I can guess most of them are preparing for JEE to get into any one of the IIT. But observing the practical situation and ground realities it can be well inferred that none of the IIT is worth off; it is only the talented students who make something out of it. And be sure not every talented student makes something great of it. After spending 5 years of my life I didn’t found anything substantial to boast of IIT. What I found in these years that it was just a brand with a great value. The value has been created by the system of IIT entrance examination and hypocrisy created by education industry. Today every second student of class 10th wish to get through the entrance. This passion or lust of students for IIT is being exploited vehemently by grooming coaching industry. This has also made boom for private engineering colleges and not the least commercial banks are also en-cashing the desire of student to become an engineer. Apart from government engineering colleges there are thousands of Private Engineering colleges and each one of them boast of best placement of their students. God knows what they mean of ‘Best Placement’. Even after graduating with 4 year engineering degree most of the student knock the rocks for a job. After spending Lakhs of rupees they end with preparing for jobs with Bank and similar alike.

This scenario is the result of erratically allowing private groups to open Engineering colleges without any adequate and satisfactory norms fulfillment. Just roam Bangalore one can find colleges in every colony and at every lanes. The same situation is pounding in UP and WB.

Its not required to mention that our education system failed to the corruption in giving permission to open Engineering colleges. Entire education system is converted to an education industry. The Indian Gurukul system of education had bowed to modern capitalist education system. The parents didn’t pay fees for education but they invest in their child’s education to reap good premium in future; leave over the discussion how productive the fresh engineering graduate will be!

Learning the vision to open the IITs one can know it was to pace up research and development in India and produce entrepreneurs and create job opportunity in our own country. Alas! the situation is entirely different. One can say Indian government is spending crores to produce managers who will serve other nation similar to as an economically bonded employ. And private players are en-cashing the brand IIT and playing with emotions of parents and their money.

We require quality in the graduates not quantity of graduates. Now, even software industry is unable to absorb the present graduating herds of students. We need to look towards forward policy for maintaining sustainable quantity of engineering graduates and job creation in different fields.


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