The Story Revives: Race of Turtle and Rabbit.

We are aware of a tale of childhood about a race of turtle and rabbit. Moral of the tale was slow and steady one wins the race. Later, while we were teenagers we learned faster and furious ultimately wins the race.
But to me the tale seemed to be incomplete. Since childhood we had always been cultured about competition and conflict. I think those tales were just a lesson without any moral to learn. In this fast and furious life slower one will never win the race neither the society is social enough to allow the faster to complete the race safely.
Now, I am trying to complete the incomplete tale of my childhood with hope of better ending‼! Lets dissolve ourselves in those character.
In urban jungle of Dream India there lived a rabbit and a turtle. Rabbit was very fast in pace while turtle was slow. One day they had an argument ‘who is more capable to finish the race en-routed to pre-agreed destination’. Rabbit was pompous about his fastness and very much confident to finish the race first. He was full of ego and so was developed to turtle. Better call it ‘race of ego’.
Finally, the race started and rabbit was off the vision within fraction of time while turtle was swiftly and slowly moving. After considerable time both were tired; while turtle was determined to move on steadily to complete the race, rabbit gave up to relax a bit till turtle reaches him. But alas! It was too late before rabbit could wake up; meanwhile turtle had covered half the distance of route and was just about to reach a river. Though turtle was much ahead but it took no time for rabbit to reach him once again. They both reached the river at same time. Now, the situation was in favour of turtle. Turtle knew to swim while rabbit was not swimmer. Turtle swiftly swimmed across the river but rabbit was drifted too far away, he even risked his life from drowning. Turtle was much ahead of rabbit but was tired enough to move any further and decided to relax. In meantime rabbit also reached to turtle and decided to take respite of saved life. While they were lightening down they didn’t shared any words with each other but it was for sure that their ego didn’t existed anymore. They both felt that they were in need of cooperation of each other and rabbit overcoming his ego finally expressed the feeling.
“Wherever there is land I will carry you on my back and wherever there comes water you will carry me on your back; with mutual-cooperation we both will finish the race and will be alive to rejoice our win. Lets join hands”. Turtle agreed contentedly.
My wish: “Why can’t there be a society in which we all cooperate with each other, we all share our achievements and prosperity with someone who is deprived of. May be, we might achieve a more prosperous success.”


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