Corruption: More of a psychological problem

Corruption is nowadays normal practice. Before we think of visiting public office our mind knock us about prevalent corruption. We switch to news channel, they are airing another corruption related news. With our peer groups the only agenda of discussion remains about level of corruption. And while we sleep at night we think why this ‘CORRUPTION’ ‼!

We generally refer to corruption in government offices and least concerned about corruption in private sector, may be because that didn’t affect us directly. On further exploring non-monetary dimensions of corruption we will find even ourselves plunged in this mire, may not be completely but yes significantly – Moral Corruption.

I am still naive of the reason for moral corrupt practices among us but I tried to learn cause of financial corruption among different classes of public official: from Peon to Premiers… I am trying to put my learning gathered from arguments with some corrupt officials, discussions with my peer group, interaction with officials with good moral and pseudo international experience.

I was able to find: Fear of social insecurity, economic insecurity, psychology of competition, un-deterministic ego, attitude of replication and retaliation. These are few of many reasons. Corruption at lower level may be mainly connected to fear of economic insecurity and attitude of replication and retaliation; upper level corruption is cause of fear of social insecurity, psychology of competition and un-deterministic ego.

I would like to quote an argument I had with a corrupt gov. employ at lower lever who was asking for bribe. His simple reason for asking for bribe was ‘सब घूस ले रहे हैं और सरकारी पैसे खा रहे हैं तो वो क्यूँ नहीं करे, इसमें बुराई क्या है; कहाँ कोई अब दूध से धुला होता है. ये पाप हम वर्षों से करते आये हैं अब नहीं छूटेगा. अगर रोकना है तो ऊपर के बड़े लोगो को रोको, हम तो छोटे-मोटे हैं. आखिर हमे भी तो ऊपर चढाना पड़ता है इसीलिए तो हमलोग घूस को खर्चा-पानी कहते हैं‼

And as per my observation regarding corruption at upper level it can be inferred that it is more because upper elite are more of egoistic and want to be competitive and acquire more power. For them power comes with money and they can do whatever they can to gather as much money as they could. They have high fear of social insecurity. They are blind enough to diminish their society just to 3% of population and shade off rest.

Last but not the least stands WE, we always ready to bribe for completion of our work in public/gov department or can be made readily to bribe with just sense of fear. Reason for this may be lack of self-confidence and lack of our trust in our own government department. In starting itself I mentioned we take it for granted that our work will not be done or our file will not be passed until we bribe. If this is our thought we are the person to whom 1st April is dedicated to.


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