Observing the the history of Independent India one can well find there is an exponential rise in cases of of communal disturbance. Some are lucky enough to receive the glare of public while some went unnotice and easily settled. Issue of communal harmony in India exists since medieval period. Not to mention that communal violence had also made the religion more orthodox and reactionary. We fail to realise that our faith and belief is much stronger than reason to fight.

With every incident of communal disturbance there is utterance that Sri Modi, the very PM of India should say something on the incidents. But, unfortunately the ruling party deny it with the sole reason that PM is too busy to speak on petty issues!!! Alas! I didn’t knew that the matter which has divided a Nation and exists since time immemorial is just a petty issue.
May be for them it might be, because they have a different spectacle than what I have.

But still the question remains with us, “should PM respond to such issue?”
Lets opine over it. 

After decades we have a PM with Voice and Dynamic personality and aura to make crowd follow him.
If we analyse the plans and schemes of current NDA led GOI and past UPA led GOI we will find that most of the plans and schemes initiated by NDA were present well before NDA came to power, but with different names. Modi government not just changed the name, but something more significant what they did is that they provided a political will and Dynamic leadership to implement such plans and programs. Though the implementation at ground level  is not well to cherish but its much better than that during previous Government.

And this is what people had voted for. People needed a change and Modi was only option and not his BJP. Every BJP candidate was perceived as Sri Modi and was elected. But still BJP is unable to realise that his historical agenda is now a history, people are gearing up for development led leadership, which can improve standard of living. And this is not only about one party BJP but all others which make Religion, caste and race their agenda for election. People are demanding for development, may be some where more while some where less. But development is evolving as the sole agenda.

Unfortunately our political leaders are unable to understand.
Lets move to the topic….
What I was trying to mention was that Sri Modi has given us hope of better future, moreover he is one of the Indian political leader who has visited large number of countries in a span of just a year and had engaged with anthropogenic diversity of every country he visited. I expect he had accepted diversity of the world in religion, faith, believe and worship…. one of the fundamental of our constitution. But unfortunately his followers are still unable to realise it.
Wish he should also ask his followers to accept the communal diversity in India. If he thinks and expect that on his request people will leave LPG subsidy, keep the city clean, use LED bulbs, use clay Diya in Diwali and such many …. Then why not people will stop creating communal disturbance on his request. Why can’t he urge his own followers to stop such incident, as several life and property are affected in every such incident. Opposition will also change the strategy towards communal harmony. This may never be a petty issue.

Adding to this topic I would also like to express what I feel of color of Tiranga…..
Saffron resemble Hindu, White Christian, Green Muslim, Blue Sikh, Chakra Jain and Buddha….. The Tiranga as a whole resembles unity among them. Tiranga will be incomplete without any of them.


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