Bihar Election : The Fact.

So the wait is over for the much debated result of Bihar Election. This election was more than just selecting a government to govern Bihar. This has been perceived more as a referendum whether development model presented by NDA led GOI is being accepted by the people or not! It can’t be inferred that the development model has been rejected but it very much states that NDA has been rejected…… and one may well establish that this rejection also rejected BJP’s Development Model.

There is high voice in the air with winning of MAHAGATHBANDHAN that people of Bihar elected what they deserve….. And what they are….The word ‘Bihar’ has been termed a misnomer for word of insult. Here I would take you to the Delhi Election. Delhi, the most urbanised city in India and National Capital inhabited by highly qualified intellectuals. With Bihar’s logic do people want means that Delhi voters are also fool enough to reject BJP. Unfortunate, we failed to understand root cause for rejection of BJP and the so called elite people of Developed states doubted character of Bihari and their rationality to elect MAHAGATHBANDHAN….

Well before one utter about Bihari they must know Bihar more closely with respect to their Socio-Eco-politico-cultural background.

The only economic resources with Bihar is its land for agro Industries. For rest economic resources it is dependent on centre for establishment of industries. If we move slightly back to the british era we can remember the Neel Kranti (Indigo Revolution) and land settlement act. Agriculture has always been associated with people who mostly belongs to lower caste in Indian Caste system. And Zamindari/Soodkhori was sole domain of upper Castes. Unfortunately, but Its true fact that in British colony people of India had been exploited more by Jamindars, Talukdaars, money lenders who all worked under canopy of British Government. To which castes do these exploiter belonged to???

If self made leaders of Sanatan Dharma can’t forget atrocities of muslim rulers in India then how can they expect lower caste to accept atrocities of upper caste!!! These atrocities are still much prevalent. This has also been a cause of Naxalbari Movement and problem of naxalites in India.

Development must be a basis for electing a candidate but it can never be at the cost of ones own socio political security and Livelihood. Land is more than just an space available on surface of Earth. People are related to it not only  economically but socially and culturally as well. The condition of farmers is poor but still it gives independence to work over their own land. Moreover, in the villages in which they dwell they are socially binded to every corner of it. Land acquisition just in name of Development will surely make a fear in marginal land holders, their only property. Land ensures them an status both in economic and socio-political terms. If the argument is-‘agriculture is no more a prosperous enterprise’, then why Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh are thriving on agro industry? Eastern India  was neglected in Green Revolution of 60s. Centre lacked leaders from Bihar and who were reached Delhi they forgot Bihar. BJP needed to work at ground to know and work on the problem of people of Bihar. Merely voicing the same development agenda in every rally will not work in every state. Every state in India is different socially, economically and demographically. Requirement of every state is different. For Biharis this was to preserve their land and themselves as a soco-political group. They want someone in the government who is one among them, talk like them, feel them and talk of them. The people who are exploited by their inmates have more fear to secure themselves politically. MAHAGATHBANDHAN grasped this opportunity. Their leaders were one among them, talked like them, felt them and talked of them. It was not a priority how they ruled in yesteryears. Gathbandhan leaders assured them that they will be socio-political secure in their regime.

Its no more than just a chit chat that BJP expects power in Bihar when they are still divided over CM face. Modi can’t rule every state. Biharis were intellect enough to know this. Furthermore, as I had already mentioned in my last blog Loksabha election was just for a change. And people of Bihar didn’t found the new central government familiar to them. They found election short term promises just noises of election. In this bihar election voters crearly mandated that they don’t support politics of hatred.

BJP need to work at ground level and know and solve the problem. But, unfortunately it seemed that ticket were sold. Not to mention crime record of candidates. Leaders who talked of Jungle Raaj in Mahagathbandhan regime themself sold ticket to Criminals. Its good to know that in 38 constituencies NOTA topped as third preference.

At last suggestion to Modi andha bhakta…. BJP is not only Sri Narendra Modi and candidate selection is not done by Sri Narendra Modi. People elected those candidates who reached them and they were not fool. Problem was BJP assumed themselves oversmart……

Thats the beauty of Democracy. Centre have CBI, CVC, IB, Parliament, Governor and Constitution to direct Bihar Government how to work. But it need to be in positive way.


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