This Early Morning…


This early morning,
My quilt kept me warming,
In that warmth
I had a dream charming…

I woke up at seven
Time was as always even
brushing my teeth turned on TV
To find the news as a privy

UP election was flashing on
Peoples and leaders were voicing upon
I saw a man wrapped in saffron
To the mass he was calling upon

“Country is ours people are ours
make relation like blooming flowers
Every religion every race
Every caste Every Face
India is firm and strong because of this base
Love the country love on and all
Before your interest comes the Nation call
Unite and vote the best fit
This is election
Casting a vote is not less than a feat..”

I tuned the next news screen
To find a man wearing a Tagiya green,
Dressed in orthodox attire
He talked and discussed very higher

“Country is secular, Constitution is Secular,
The Government formed will always be secular,
We are minority
But our Hindu brothers provide us security,
Don’t be afraid Don’t spread hatred
First comes Humanity followed by Nationality,
This should always be our priority”

I tuned the next channel
To find different spoke-person at a panel
They discussed and debated
Their lips were never of Hatred
They talked of love and unity
Their only motto was a prosperous Humanity.

At the last they reached at conclusion,
whoever win the election
should govern without delusion.
Human prosperity is the motto
In the governance we shall not be a potto.
Our support is always with you
There should not be any hue.”

Hereby ringed the paper boy
Gave the paper and greeted bye.
Front page was something different
A half page selfie of leaders in Kente
Conor was Green, Blue, White and Saffron
Graced and Hugged each one on,
Seemed as Tiranga there upon.

Now it was 7:30
by the time brushed my teeth dirty,
To wash my face had a splash,
Water was very cold
and seemed like a scold.

Yes scold it was
not of water but a slap
to wake me up from the deep nap.

Within moment I was out of dream
awaking me my sister screamed…
But, Who cares of the scream
when one have such a charming dream.

I decided not to switch the news
or have a look at the paper…
They are full of hatred and crime
Lets spent the day in the dream chime.


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