The Arabian or The Western


Today was the same date seven year back when India felt the same pain as the Paris felt few days ago. The world is now mourning for the Paris incident in which around 200 innocent lives were lost. Me too joined the force to mourn. India placed solidarity with Paris for the attack. The same way, same ideology, same innocence lives but much difference. These terrorist were citizen of Countries ally to the France, while here in India they were from Pakistan. While Terrorist of Paris incident belonged to the group which were once nourished and nurtured by western world directly for temporary political gains, terrorist in India also have backing by the western world but indirectly. They help Pakistan with arms, ammunitions and financial support. Much of these  help get siphoned off to terrorist groups later to be used against India. Everyone is known of it. Western world also is well aware of the fact that Pakistan is breeding ground of terror outfit. Osama was refugee in Pakistan. Direct or other way round western world is itself nourishing these terror outfits against humanity. Its meagre to mention that most of the arms and ammunition industry is well established in these countries and they are the most profitable enterprise in a disturbed and threatened world.

USA through CIA had created Taliban against USSR which later became Al Qaida, its the same outfit which demolished WTC in Sept, 2001. Failing to learn from Afghanistan and Taliban USA again played the same game in Iraq to demolish Saddam Hussain. The local militants were armed to rebel against Saddam. These are the militants which later strengthened to ISIS. I found a report once again that France is planning to arm Kurd militants and local ISIS opposers to strengthen them against ISIS…. The step is very much a seedling for an other ISIS or Taliban or Al Qaida. Tolls for lives lost in civil war is not less significant. Such adrenaline action can never be a solution. The civil war and domestic disturbance in these earliest civilization was much because of NATO invasion. Once the name Baghdad was misnomer for rich and prosperous Arab life and civilisation, but now its only mean bomb, militants and killings. Who should be made accountable for such situation of Middle East nations. ISIS!!! We need to think beyond that.

The Middle East nations had paid for being endowed with black gold. The disturbance is nothing but oil politics. There exists a report which marks a famous Dutch Oil Explorer firm to make lobby for such armed invasion. Hope the world also mourn for innocent lives mercilessly killed in these Arabian Nations. The country of the tales of famous ‘Arabian Nights’.

India had since decades called upon world to give thought to prevent terrorism in the Indian Sub Continent. But the world left it to India to tackle the militancy itself declaring it as a local militant problem. Now the whole world is at the gun point.

Every militant organization needs economic and ballistic resources to continue their operations. The need is to break the link to such support and facility, not to arm other outfit against existing one. This will create nothing  but chaos and internal disturbance leading to civil war bringing the world again at the threat of other militant organization. Western world and NATO need to recognize their fault and start afresh with progressive action to make the world militant free. Temporarily the policy may be of disinterest to them  but eventually on long run it will uproot the problem.

Terrorism has no religion but unfortunately, terrorist call themsleves Islamic and ‘Jihading’ to expand Islam. Don’t know whether Islam is expanding but hatred for Islam and Islamic community is surely expanding exponentially. Further, genociding  a particular sect of Islam by another sect tends to mean that terrorism is more of a Religo-Geo-Political disturbance. Until and unless the Muslim community of all sect and country unite against all forms of terrorism in the Name of Islam and spurn out all their activities the permanent solution to terrorism is a far dream. Even Pakistan, the play school of terror organization need to overcome its Kashmir Raag. US need to stop its supplies and support to Pakistan and any other such nation having support and link to terror outfit. Arms and ammunitions production and supplies need to be made transparent and accountable to world community.

Islam is a youngest religion and have a fear of insecurity of their faith. The community still is much conservative. We need to respect them and their faith. People of Islam themselves must work to reform conservative ideology prevalent in their faith and make it open to the world through exchange of thoughts and ideas.

These violence can  only be curbed through non violence, else it will create hatred and unrest in next generation fueling the flaming wick of terrorism.


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