Trip to Lakshadweep…

In between rush and gush of my routine,
I needed to have a break,
After searching for the place I should see,
Found a land on the Arabian sea.

Kavaratti was the ship on which we boarded,
For the Lakshadweep it headed.
Mid within the sea ship sailed,
To Cool and fresh breeze we hailed.

One by one tourist gathered on the Deck,
To have look of the sky grabbing the sea bed.
All awaited the lovely sunset,
But it was our misfortune,
the sky was cloudy for the set.

While the children played on the deck,
Older made the long breath,
Pics and clicks were on the high,
Everyone was in the joy and sigh.

I was a lone traveller,
Had a German my berth neighbour.
We met and greeted,
Thereafter chit and chatted.
Though he was a grand father,
But enthusiast enough to love India’s weather.
Residing in Kochi for many years,
He said he keeps cycling for environment to cheer.

Next morning we were on the shore,
Away from the city chores.
The place was peaceful and calm,
It was full of Coral, Coconut and palm.
The adorable sight and the fresh air,
It was not less than a dream I should share.

Unfortunate I was to fly alone,
But freinds are everywhere and no one is lone,
Thanks to the rainy noon,
I found many mates soon.
It was the island Minicoy,
And we named ourself the Gang of ‘coy.


Crystal clear water and the silver sand,
They are No where available on the mainland.
Swimming and kayaking was the activity where we spent morning,
Thereafter we walked through the beach adoring.
How peaceful and lovely the narure is,
Save, protect and conserve them I please.

Next morning was for Kalpeni,
Snorkeling we found coral fish many.

In the noon we missed the folk dance,
Because we the gang went for the village glance.
A harmonized village it was,
And zero crime rate there was.

Meanwhile people interacted,
To know each other,
Credit goes to the Colonel uncle and Mumbai wali Aunty,
For making the journey alive and full of bounty.
Else the people were lone in the group,
Making the vacation boring and haunty.


Third day was at Kavaratti,
Beach resort was near the jetty.
Morning was spent for the scuba diving,
Lovely corals were there thriving.
Being with the fish,
I had my wish.
But I felt sad,
For the affect the Global Warming had,
Corals were bleaching,
shells of the molluscs were leaching.

Billion years passed to have such life,
Don’t destroy them by your strife.

The final night came to the edge,
People again gathered for the last gaze.
It was decided for the group photograph,
The Kavaratti crew said
they had’t ever seen tourist sharing talk and laugh.

The final day came,
And we deboarded,
Lots of memories in the heart were loaded.

Kochi arrived and we departed,
back on the land
full of dust, smoke and pollution that can’t be narrated.

Hereby the trip to Lakshadweep came to an end,
Though I tried but the journey can’t be described in this trend.



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