A New New-Year…

The new year was welcomed along with many hopes, wishes, resolutions and optimism.  Its a fact that after every year  a new year falls and brings hope of a better tomorrow. Nothing changes but our perception to feel the change. We remain as such as we were last year. The same typical Human Beings surrounded with self created problems. But there exists one thing that changes exponentially every year. Its related to development, rather say, ruthless and unsustainable development. The deteriorating environment and ecology and its affect on living beings of the planet. If it would had affected only such human population who exploits resources causing the pollution it wouldn’t had been a matter of concern to environmentalist, but it is affecting not only to mankind but also innocent animals whose survival are at the mercy of us. Poor animals, no voice to cry out and we have no ears to hear them. We are a bigger aNimal to exploit them to satisfy our need.

Yes, I am talking about Global Environment Degradation. The Global challenge before the planet dwellers to handle well before its too late for comeback. The task needs a team effort at global level with every citizen as its team member. We need to ensure that we cut our energy emissions at individual level. We need to change our habit.

But, in India we even need to change our attitude, psychology and mentality. The best vehicle to reduce emission and go green is a bicycle. Unfortunately, its an object of social class. People moving with cars feel elated among other road travellers. No matter how much time they spend in traffic jam, and most time they are the reason for jam. They are  rich enough not to care about carbon emission from their car exhaust.

This one is related to practices on the road, similar behaviour can be found in different domains of daily lives. Our lifestyle, urge for social hi-fi status and many similar virtual wishes had made us moron to think beyond ourselves.

Think of nature — how beautiful they are, think of animal lives which surround us. With every passing year we are getting more self centric. This need to be changed. We dont need a new year but a year where we are more socially and environmentally connected. We need a year to make us a newself… a need to change ourself.

Happy New Year…


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