Pakistan: A Mystery….


The country is again mourning for lost life of martyrs in securing Pathankot airbase and Nation’s sovereignty. Again the ground used for conspiracy against the state was of Pakistan. Our very neighbour, and once upon a time our part. Unfortunately, that  is now our worst enemy. But peace and stability is always best for society and region and this only thought had always urged India to have cordial and peaceful relation with Pakistan. Alas! clap needs both hand.

Accession of Kashmir in India and India’s role in seccession of Bangladesh aka East Pakistan has always kept pinging PaKistan’s Military and ISI to take revenge of it from India and they keep alive Kashmir issue and impinge India time to time. They ensure not to leave any stone unturned to destabilize India, from hook to crook. Terrorist militant are their new arms and they support them with armaments and training facilities. They provide them ground and other support to enter India and destabilize the nation. The worst part of it is that they do so in the name of Islam.

Before we think of control of terrorism in Pakistan, we need to understand that in Pakistan it is more of militro-democracy i.e. Democracy survives until military has it say. The day democracy tries to overlook military, democracy falls. And even in India what not our political leaders will do to save their seat!!! Human nature doesn’t change beyond borders.

With globalisation and cooperation beyond borders there is mounting pressure on Pakistan to keep check on terrorism and this had curbed open operation of ISI and Pak Army against India. They are now believing on Gurrila Warfare through islamist militant. And its worth to mention that these Gurrila warfare by Islamist militant was a brain child of USA against the then USSR during Afghan war. And its also a fact that America is one of the largest defence partner and social assistance of Pakistan, most of which leaks to these militants and purposely used against India.


Pakistan’s rising partner is China and religio-finance partner is Saudi Arabia. China’s rising activities in Pak and Afghanistan is to encircle India while that of Saudi Arabia’s is to counter Iran from backside. All of them supports terrorism to meet their needs and even categories them in Good terrorist and Bad terrorist.

Armed conflict is not a solution neither India can be on backfoot. India needs to raise this concern globally. We need to act aggressively like USA to propose sanction on Pakistan and no vested interest in such economic cooperation or agreement should come in its way. People’s life is More precious than business profit. I can’t understand why the world is proposing sanction on RUSSIA, Iran and North Korea when the known terrorism breeding ground is Pakistan. Its also unfortunate to find that India is also responding somewhat to such sanction. India shall not do so until and unless sanction is proposed even on Pakistan. All economic ties with Pakistan must be stalled till Pakistan take harsh action on terrorism evolving on its ground.

When China vetoed for Pakistan against India’s move for detaining Hafij Saeed, India should had acted harshly against China’s import which figures around US$60 Bn making trade Deficit to US$40 Bn. Similar strategic move is required against Saudi Arabia and even USA. This world is now a global market with global business players and India is emerging as one of the most favored market destination. India’s economy may come down but will not stay as such for long. But Pakistan’s morale for such activity will surely fade out.

Merely talks with Pakistan will not make a solution. India need to act aggressively in world economy against Pakistan. If you can’t break them, break their economic backbone to make them bow  down to peace.


P.S. Blog was written much before Masood Ajhar, conspirator of Pathankot, was arrested by Pakistan. India’s aggressive move to stall talk with Pakistan until perpretors are caught is a welcome and much needed move. We need to go more further. Less than an economic Sanction against Pakistan other thing is not called upon.

Jai Hind….


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