Lives Lost for Nothing


Hey man over there plz come down,
There is your family far in the town,
Why are you bearing such pain,
All your sacrifice may go in vain,

In the name of Patriotism and Jihadism,
You all are being used,
What made you such course to choose.
All this is just a political game,
When you martyr, they only make your fame,
Rarely they go on the front,
As they fear of bullet burnt.

We the people down here,
Always hail your martyrdom there,
Afraid of such course for ourselves,
On the social sites
we only like, share and comment your braves.

Are you a fool,
Come down here and enjoy life cool,
Let the nation have its fate,
Let the enemy come to our gate.

Rather spread words of love, compassion and peace,
The solution is only this.
Neither we nor our enemy gain anything,
But there surely exists third party always profiteering,
They are the companies of arms manufacturing.

Let us make this world borderless,
People shall roam everywhere fearless,
Let’s prevail rationalism over religion,
Else society will be just cage of pigeons.

“वसुधेव कुटुम्बकं”



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