India shall be celebrating its 70th Independence Day on coming 15th August. A long drawn struggle which took 90 years to free India from exploitation of British Paramountancy of 190 years. 15th August has always been a moment to cherish. Even our constitution has made it fundamental duty to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom; But to me there has always been a thought which haunts me. Was the national struggle for freedom a collective mass effort or just collection of efforts of different interest against colonialists. Interest of poor farmers and general mass was one of the last matter to be raised. There was interest of business houses who had to face competition from british industry, landlords whose right to land revenue was curbed, elite Indian classes who had to face discrimination from Britishors, then came the King of princely states who felt just like a puppet of British Paramount and at last came poors industrial and plantation workers and farmers, who were deprived of healthy livelihood. All had different self interest but colletive vision- to expel Britishors out of India so that they can have safe environment for themselves. This led to a mission for free and independent India to have its own rule of law and constitution. Yes now we have a rule of law and our own constitution. India is now free and independent, but just ‘India’ and may be few vested interest, who had high stake in a free India to make way for their personal agenda, have freedom not all the citizens. The mass- Industrial and plantation workers, farmers which consritutes more than 75 % of Indian population felt just change of people to exploit them. Earlier it was people from a country far off the ocean now the people are of this land only, our very own people. This 15th August always bring along with it a virtual sense of freedom and liberty. But doesn’t clarify freedom from what or liberty for what!

Misgovernance, misrule, autocracy, corruption, exploitation and similar all maladministration which existed during British era do exists even now. Where do the freedom or liberty exists? Yes, they do exists, but only in the texts of our Constitution. And we feel delighted of it. Its only because of Article 32- Right to move to Supreme Court for enforcement of these fundamental rights. Again, the hook is the time that elapse in judicial procedure and cost that accompany it. Judiciary has just been a instrument to serve well off. Poors rarely cross even the first stage of judiciary i.e. beyond magistrate court. Daily wage earner has to lose Rs. 100 as transportation cost in addition to Rs. 250 per day as wage loss to let their voice heard in a district administrative office. How can they think of moving to supreme court under article 32!!! They constitute more than 70% of Indian population.

Not to mention how much divided we exist in society- caste, class, region, religion, power, education and so on. Was this “the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom”?

15th August has just become a day of celebration, celebration not of Independence Day but of a ‘Holiday’. To relax and sleep. A day for our political leaders to express patriotism…. I afraid, hope there haven’t been fixed  monetary Commission in purchase of the National Flag.

Jai Hind.


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