GenNxt: Targets to the Next Generation.

GenNxt in Coal India is a new concept or say an initiative to get involve new generation of young energetic executive who are fresh with their knowledge, ideas and mind in proposing and implementing something new in this traditional industry. It’s a platform to resonate long experience of senior executives with energy and enthu of young executives. To facilitate such integration Team GenNxt organizes workshop for every discipline in Coal India Limited. One such workshop for Mining Discipline was organized in SECL, Bilaspur and I got an opportunity to participate in it. I was one among many participants from various subsidiaries of the Company and in total there were around 50 participants. Apart from participants the main magnet of the workshop were Secretary to the GOI, Ministry of Coal, Director (P)  of CIL , CMD , DTs, DF and DP of SECL. Enough authority to make it a high level workshop. Added to it was cultural evening in which energies of old and new mingled to rock the floor. This brief introduction is enough to get the picture of the workshop.

The core part of the workshop was brainstorming among young executives to make achieve Coal India Limited target production of 1 Billion Tonne by FY 2019-20, coded as ‘Mission One Billion’. As expected plethora of ideas emerged as project proposals, induction of advance technology, enhancement of existing technologies and such alike to achieve the Target. Current production level is around 600 MT per annum. 400 MT more to produce in 3 yrs to meet energy demand of the country and become independent of importing coal. With globalization importing of coal is more of a commercial-eco-political decision and beyond CIL but achieving the target set by the ministry is our very purpose . The target has been set and this whole concept of GenNxt is revolving primarily around achievement of this target with involvement of young executives and secondarily enabling young executives to be capable of taking leadership role to fill the coming gap of retiring executives. Whatever be, Gen Nxt was worth to participate.


To all participants it was a wonderful and exciting activity with dual way enrichments. But, I had expected something else from the workshop and was disappointed.  The concern was about implementation part. Effective and efficient implementation of project, scheme and program has been lacuna of Govt organizations and CIL is not an exception to it. It would had been better if brainstorming had focussed on how to effectively implement the existing and future projects. The industry is creeped up with ‘ Short Term Plan attitude’ in order to achieve benefit in near future at the sake of long term future which are many times detrimental to sustainability of the projects. ‘Mission One Billion by 2019-20’ is itself an example of it….The hall was silent on what beyond that or the road map to achieve it!! For sustainable development we need to have a progressive long term policy and plan which may not serve our interest at the Moment but very much viable in long term. Non of the advanced technology, automation, plan, policy and projects can sustain if we still be driven by attitude of ‘do whatever to attain just short term goal’. A viable project should not only look forward to financial profitability, break even point or production target but must also encompass economic cost, environment cost, social cost along with rights and views of all stakeholder.

Over all it was a wonderful event and credit goes to GenNxt Team Yuva specially the hospitality person PM and SJ of SECL  and last but not the least the  person from HQ ‘RS’.

Hope next workshops also brainstorm over implementation part and how to change attitude towards it.


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  1. Good blog man and putting the things in such an apt manner is highly impressive… Hope to meet you soon in future endevours.. All the best.

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