An Open Letter to Yami and Alike…


Dear Yami,

My self Shivam from a small city Dhanbad in Jharkhand. I am not your fan but just liked your attitude and found you to be mature and sensitive enough for social cause.

But your endorsement of Fair n Lovely cosmetics for enhancing skin color/tone of face for woman is something I didn’t expected from you.

In our school sciences we all had studied that the protein Melanin is responsible for color tone of our skin and its natural. A mature person would never discriminate people based on such differences among people. I had read few celebrity gossips and found that you have always supported these values. It was this value of yours which I had always appreciated and keep a special respect for you.

We all know that Fair n Lovely can never bring fairness to ones melanin tone. It only covers up the natural skin with cosmetics layer which is light in color. Though its your personal life and your personal decision to promote the product, whatever be the reason for it.

Being a member of this society and further being admirer of you I felt something different by your involvement  in this advertisement.

This is not the only reason which urged me to pen you down my concern but the issue is more significant in aspect of discrimination based on tone of skin color. The commercial is colonising mind of masses that milky white skin color is only of worth to fit into this society. Person with dark skin color need to be segregated from normal sphere of society and they are not equal to fair skinned person. If they wish to be part of this society they must change color/tone of their skin. Here we must remember how this ideology had subjugated Indian people by Britishers who were of fair complexion compared to Indian, this racial ideology made people of Africa to serve as slave to Europeans. This ideology could never be appreciated in a civilised world. But this ideology are still being propagated by cosmetic commercial advertisements for market driven profit motive.

Further, to women who are naturally of dark complexion due to their genetic inheritance and high activity of Melanin harmon and concerned protein, these commercials quell their morale. They feel neglected in society and fall into depression. The colonised mind of eligible bachelor always seek a milky white bride and this poses problem to bride of dark complexion to get married easily. Either the family had to compromise by giving hefty amount in dowry or the groom is not of the comparable qualification as that of bride. I hope you are well aware of condition of women in Indian society and discrimination they have to face in day to day life in this patriarchal society. You might also be experiencing such patriarchal attitude in your profession and spheres which objectify a woman for one or the other benefit or purpose. This subjugation of women is much high in these remote part of the country. You might be yourself knowing about skewness in gender ratio in your Chandigarh and neighbouring Haryana.

Being a member of the society its our duty and responsibility to curb menaces which undermines Human Values and equality. We can’t imagine our life without selfless support of members of this society. This selflessness of others urges us to do our bit in best possible way. As your involvement in the commercial might be bounded by contract and you may have no control over it but I would expect you to be choosy in any such future contracts. Further, I would also appreciate if you could do something for emancipation of women and curbing discrimination based on skin color, only if effect of it will reach remote part of the country there shall be true emancipation and empowerment of women of our villages and rural settlements. In India actress and actors of screens are perceived as role model in our life and many of us draw inspiration from people like you in many spheres of our life. Your involvement in such movement will surely bring a change in our attitude and transform society. I shall always be of help to you, just let me know.

Yours sincerely

Shivam Kesari


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