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The Contradictions…


Today evening when I was on the terrace in leisure I was just watching sky and imagining its depth; what do exists beyond that sky? Even astronomers couldn’t predict it. But the sky is one for every being on this earth. One Sun, one Moon, one Earth and indefinite number of stars. The shine of the Sun is for everyone, the shade of the evening is for everyone and darkness of the night is for everyone without biasness and discrimination. In the midst of my thought a humble sound of arti from my neighbourhood came to my ear to distract me from wondering this world. The week is being of Hindu Chaitra Navratra and the chant was for ‘Maa Ambe’. Now my imagination shifted from what exists far beyond that sky to how religion has bounded people. How we defy One Sun, One Moon, One Sky One Earth and divide ourselves in religions and further by different political boundaries. Again a deep thought came to me – What’s the purpose of existence of living beings in this world? Who created us? And my first contradiction which I noticed was — I didn’t believe in existence of god but again feel that there is something, some force, invisible energy which has created the universe, which has intrinsically woven every lives on the planet, and may be on different planets; but couldn’t apprehend what this force or energy is, but surely not the god/goddess whom we worship. The force/energy created life out of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and similar other elements by different combinations of chemical reactions and  bonding and physical atomic forces. The real quest is from where do these chemical elements occurred and why they chemically reacted and bonded together to create life. Why do human beings evolved? Who drives mind of these creatures? and god created us or we created god?

Now again a small creature distracted me, this was a mosquito. Why these disturbing and nuisance creatures came into life. Do they also have some purpose in their life apart from biting and infecting human beings with Malaria, Dengue etc; or this is their’s only purpose. Diseases like malaria and dengue had taken high toll on life of human beings and there must be no mosquito. Medical technologies must be advanced to cure people of every type of diseases and endow them with lengthy life. Yes, life expectancy has improved a lot with development in medical sciences and technologies. The Earth must be secured from all deadly viruses and bacteria. The second contradiction appeared. Does this virus and bacteria also have some task to accomplish assigned to them!!! To kill human beings!!! No how could they kill us, human beings are very intelligent social animals. But, we had caused must devastation to this Earth than what these deadly creatures had done to us, and this destruction to the planet was at high growth with modernisation and advent of anti-biotic drugs and medicines to have control over deadly Viruses and bacteria. These micro creature controlled overgrowth of human population – the deadliest animal as of now. Isn’t it great that these micro creature has unique capability to mutate their genes to develop resistance against latest anti-microbe drugs and survive and control human population. These microbes are earth/eco/environment friendly creatures and they must be protected and preserved.

Maa Ambe’s chant was now loud and fast in tempo as it was about to end. The family was in vigour, may be they were blessed by Maa Ambe!!!  The third contradiction appeared. Why not Maa Ambe bless everyone equally? Is she driven by paternalistic and aristocratic thinking who discriminate between people who hail for her and who doesn’t just as what our political leaders do, why not she protect everyone equally and feed every one with dignity, is she biased? If No, then why there is so much division and menaces in society, and if she is biased, they why should we respect her!!!

Don’t know whether god discriminate between people of different religion, faith and belief but the breeze, high in humidity, which was soothing and refreshing me was probably coming from Bay of Bengal crossing numerous towns, villages, forests, lands. It didn’t discriminated. Meanwhile, I think the mosquito to which I left after she sting me and sucked by blood has called her friends to find in me an easy prey. They attacked on me and I has to stop my imagination and get contradicted in my imaginations. Thanks to them to save my time. But the life of contradiction continues with out any answer of our existence and purpose in the world. Highly puzzled.


A Kiss for 10×10 Space.

It started with Opal-52 and ended with Jasper A-126. Here came the day to forever leave the hostel and hostel life with friends. The heart was brimming with emotions and attachment I had with this part of life. Every time I get out of the room I felt that something I was missing to collect from the room and went back just to sit and collect all the memories spent over with friends in that mere 10×10 space. I was trying my best to get over the emotions but can’t. The mere thought that I will be no more a resident to ISM hostel was enough to choke the throat and moist the eye. The packed baggage was lighter than heavy heart which was loaded with memories of 5 years, love and affection of friends, respect of juniors and blessings of seniors and teachers. Every time I came out of the room I wished to own the room for one more day. But I had to move on. With a kiss on the door I left the room. I collected all the memories to cherish them forever.

Tomorrow will be my last day of visiting ISM before making a final end to ISM life. Hope, if tomorrow time permits I will try to give a last adieu to hostel.

एक रिश्ता ऐसा भी…..

आखिरी वर्ष के आखिरी दिन भी आ ही गए जब ISM से सिर्फ clearance लेना ही बचा है. पांच साल कैसे बीते पता भी न चला. जब ISM में नामाकंन लिया था तब शायद नए कॉलेज का उत्साह था मगर धीरे धीरे ये उत्साह बोरियत में बदलने लगा और किसी तरह भी पढाई जल्दी खत्म करके जाने की इच्छा प्रबल होने लगी. पर न जाने अब क्या हो गया है‼ अब क्यूँ मन ये कह रहा है कि “रुक जा अभी, अभी दिन ढला नहीं, कहाँ चला तू इन लम्हों को छोडकर ”. ऐसा लग रहा है मानो कॉलेज की हर निर्जीव वास्तु में भी जान आ गयी है और वो मुझसे एक ही प्रश्न पूछ रही है – छोडकर जा रहे हो; मुझसे मिलने आओगे न? मुझे भूलोगे तो नहीं?  हर उस ख्याल से दिल भर जा रहा है जिसमे यहाँ बिताए गए जिंदगी के रिश्ते बन गए हैं.

यह कौन सा रिश्ता है मैं भी इसे समझने में असक्षम हूँ, इस रिश्ते को क्या नाम दूं मुझे नहीं पता. बस यही पता ही की यह एक अटूट रिश्ता बन चूका है जो भुलाये न भूले.

यहाँ से निकलने के बाद अगर कुछ विशिष्ट लोगो की कमी खलेगी तो वो मेरे कनिष्ठ मित्र (जुनिअर्स) हैं. अपने वर्ग के मित्रों से मुलाकात कहीं न कही किसी मोड पर हो जाएगी पर कनिष्ठ मित्र से मिलने वाली मोड खोजना भी आसान नहीं होगा. सभी विभिन्न विभाग के हैं और व्यवसायिक जीवन में मिलन लगभग असंभव है. यह लोग जीवन के कुछ अभिन्न अंग बन चुके हैं जो दिल में हमेशा के लिए बस गए हैं. उनके सहयोग से किये हर कार्य की सफलता उनके बिना अधूरी थी. मुझे अपने दल और संगठन में एक दूसरा परिवार मिल गया है, और इस परिवार से विदाई लेना शायद आसान नहीं होगा….

कुछ दिन पहले एक कनिष्ट मित्र ने मेरे समक्ष एक प्रश्न रखा था की मैं ISM छोडकर जाने वाला हूँ, तो कैसा महसूस कर रहा हूँ. उस वक्त मेरे पास उसके उत्तर के लिए कोई शब्द नहीं थे और न ही अभी तक मैं शब्द खोज पाया हूँ. बस इतना ही जान पा रहा हूँ “अभी मेरे जिंदगी में दो पालने हैं – एक पालने में नयी जिंदगी की शुरुआत करने की खुशी है तो दूसरे पलने में ISM की जिंदगी को छोडकर जाने का गम. और जैसे –जैसे जाने के दिन नजदीक आ रहे हैं दूसरा पल्ला भारी होता जा रहा है”.

हर उस गम को कई अटूट रिश्ते स्थापित करने की खुशी धक् देती है, बस एक यही गम रह जाता है की उस रिश्ते के साथ शायद अपने मन के मुताबिक वक्त न बिता पाऊं.

आखिर जिंदगी इसी का नाम है, लोग आते रहेंगे जाते रहेंगे, और उनसे हर एक मिलन मानस पटल पर एक छाप छोड़ जाएगी. उन हर एक से विदाई उनसे एक नया रिश्ता कायम करेगा. हो सकता है आगे जीवन में कभी मुलाकात न हो लेकिन बीते लम्हे चेहरे पर मुस्कान लाने के लिए काफी है और उस हर लम्हे को संजोये रखना हमारे रिश्ते को और प्रगाढ़ बनाएगा.

आशा हजारो मिलन की….

An adieu to Kartavya.

The unique model of rolling responsibility of Kartavya is always to be appreciated but it is also associated with twinge of adieu to Team Kartavya – children and volunteers. Started as a bad teacher of English subject (I didn’t have the art of teaching) and subsequently moved to higher responsibility. The guidance from seniors, coordination of colleagues and help from juniors were always commendable to make me learn many things from Team Kartavya. In last five year I have observed drastic expansion and development in Kartavya both horizontally and vertically. The kudos goes to the team and I am proud to be a small part of this great team which had engaged their precious time of academic life for this Noble cause. Not everyone is able to do this. Kartavya is not only uplifting slums, empowering children and their parents but also producing social leaders, a bunch of people who feel social responsibility to their society more than what other youth of our age group do feels.

After five years serving in Kartavya I also believe myself as one those many social leaders and this wouldn’t had been possible being away from it. My perception of life, success, career, happiness and motive is radically modified in these five years. Looking back to what I was 5 years ago and what I am now; the comparison is significant. Sustaining extreme pressure, heavy workload, coordinating and motivating a team, writing and communication skill, event management, organizational skill are few of the learning which I earned from experience with Kartavya. The confidence I developed while working in a dedicated team of around 100 volunteers give me a faith to manage any organization effectively and efficiently whether it be in social field or industry.

In quantitative comparison between what I gained from Kartavya and what I served to Kartavya there exists a high imbalance favoring the former one. Working in a highly dynamic, motivated and dedicated selfless team is no where possible.

My days in ISM is about to end and along with this comes an end to volunteering in Kartavya as student. However, Kartavya is now a part of life and it can’t be disassociated whatever be the circumstances. It is the verity that as student I can’t serve in Kartavya but as a citizen I always have right to serve my society and community whether it be through Kartavya or other way. Kartavya has shown me a path to divinity through selfless service and I would always be dedicated to it. It may be that in future the emotional attachment with this marvelous team makes my return and I would be glad to do so.

For now, I pass on all my best wishes to its future generation volunteers for integral and sustainable success of Kartavya and will always feel proud to work in this splendid team. Heartily thanks to each and everyone who were with me in this noble journey. May this journey return soon!

With heavy heart and moist eye,


April 13, 2013

The ISM…

So came last few days of ISM and the time to gather memories of ISM life. Don’t know how these five years of life passed on so quickly. It was the same day 5 years back when I bubbled on OMR sheet of JEE exam deciding my destiny to ISM and today is also the same date but with different occasion. Today it’s the time to recall and cherish best moments with the pals (Gals‼ They are not in Mining  Engg.), the time to be blessed by our beloved teachers for all the luck in life ahead, the time to confess our mischief in class or group, the time to collect love of juniors, the time to endow the legacy of department to juniors along with all the love we have, the time to bond the relation with alma mater, Today it’s the time for farewell, the time to bid official goodbye to ISM and ISM life. Wish! The days never pass.

July 22, 2008 the date to enter college along with all unknown face, with all the fears of being ragged by rusty seniors, with all the excitement to start college life and of course with a hope to have a girl friend (it’s still a hope‼). The days of first years are ever-memorial. The days of ragging, better to say time of ragging which was always mid of the night – 2-3 A.M. are really some moment which are inscribed in mind forever and specially specific act of some batchmates during the tense moments of ragging – being locked in the room instead of going to common room and seniors scratches his throats to gather the mass for ragging.

It is always the first year only when you are highly enthusiast, full of energy and ample time to work in all the societies and events. Same was with me. I got associated with Kartavya, blood line and such similar societies; though in second year with more burden of work I couldn’t continue with blood line but with Kartavya I am still associated. The ill-tradition of ‘Matiayopan’ of ISM was also not a word alien to me and I was very much engulfed in it in last days of ISM.

The days passed on with all the trough and trove until it was last year when the batch with whom we had spent 4 years were about to leave (No, I didn’t got any back but it’s Dual Degree- Panch Warsiya Yojna 😛 ). The moments were emotional, having feeling of how the next one year without close friends will pass on; thanks to lovely juniors who never made me to feel away from close friends in last year of college and many of them are even closer now. My life in college was surrounded with invaluable batch-mates and precious juniors and will never ever forget their company.

The days in ISM can’t be described in mere words of blog – I lived it full, I enjoyed it to the fullest, the journey from Opal to Jasper will be inscribed with golden letter on the hard disk of heart. And here I have last few words:

“Looking back to 2008, when I was having choice to select between ISM Dhanbad or one of the top NITs where I could have better branch and with better future scope. But I chose Mining Engg dual. at ISM dhanbad.

I think, I would have been good engineer and technocrat if my decision would have been NITs.

But now at ISM Dhanbad, I think it was a far better decision. ISM, you not only made me an engineer but also developed in me a social feeling, you made me a human being. I feel proud that I was able to solve for only 185 marks in JEE 08 just to enter ISM. All that I have I owe to you. :)”

My First Day in Kartavya…

The sunny day of 15th August 2008 is inscribed in memory which will last forever. It was the day when I along with two of my new friends – Irfan and Sanjiv reached the Lahbani Basti to attend Independence Day function of Kartavya. I was in first year and no first year students were invited verbally by any of the volunteer. It was enticement of social service and sight of formal notice about the function that lured me to the venue. It was first time I observed that even senior fears of juniors. Our unexpected arrival in the basti worried many of the senior- ‘How we reached there’ and in prevailing strict environment of anti-ragging seniors may be scolded for our act. Whatever, we were welcomed whole heartedly and our interaction with seniors took off. We were intently asked to sit in the midst of crowd so that even if any faculty comes we be not visible to them. Yes! The performance of students was more than what I expected, their talent was intact, and their energy was sufficient to rock the earth.  The only tint to them was their underprivileged economic condition which this material world and pro-status society needs to reckon someone. Might have that event being performed in any sophisticated auditorium with full sound and music arrangement it had been a rock show.

Meanwhile, strong wind plunged down the banner which was at the back of temporary wooden stage. Being in first year we are assigned to keep hold the banner high till the event goes on. Yes, it may be called a form of ragging; but it also came with fortune to closely watch the performances. The relaxation came when the performance was to cease but the public demand to one more exhilarating performance delayed it few more minutes.

Finally, the performances came to end for important purpose to commence- Parent teacher meeting and motivational story telling followed by our introduction and experience sharing. While lot many problems and issues were being discussed between volunteers and parents I was being called by each and every senior and introducing myself to each one of them in the painstaking prescribed format. Yes, it made successful interaction with many seniors who are till now a sort of mentor to me.

Whole function extended a bit late to noon and finally came my slot for introduction and experience sharing to the Kartavya Team.

Experience Sharing: I can’t decipher now the exact feelings and emotion what I articulated about my experience of the event on that day but it was for sure that Kartavya was going to change my perception of life and success and I was going to serve it for my lifetime in whatever way I could.

The Independence Day function closes off with group photograph and I was overwhelmed to be part of that photo frame. And from that day I call myself a part of TEAM KARTAVYA and proud to be its volunteer.

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जागृति यात्रा — एक सम्पूर्ण भारत

Jagriti Yatra- Building India Through Enterprise. A journey emphasizing evolution of new enterprises in India, a journey to support new employment opportunity in small scale industries, a journey to empower and integrate rural market and rural industries with the rest of the world, a journey creating a sustainable path of better India, a journey of pool of like minded people who commit to the development of nation.

Not only this, there is something more unique to this yatra!!!!

“A Journey of discovery and transformation…1 Train – 12 Destinations – 15 Role Models – 15 Days – 8000 kms – 450 Youths and I was one among 450.”

Dynamic people from all over the country on the entrepreneurship journey, all above the difference of region, religion, caste and creed; all are equal. Jagriti Yatra Train better denote is as a small replica of an ideal India. Love, harmony, care and friendship binding everyone as a complete family. The 450 youths divided in small group of 20 formed a lifetime bond, bond of relation of highest degree.

Youth from different part of country with different aspirations, diverse dream of developed society, efforting in their field of interest to bring a change, striving to make the nation developed. All of them believe other before self.

It was a yatra to show the opportunity in rural India which is always ignored by the so called successful corporate, a yatra to show graduation or post graduation degree are just paper certificates, a yatra to acknowledge you with your self potential, a yatra to show how common people like us brought uncommon changes.

The fifteen days of Yatra is something I wish to have in India. An India of love and compassion to all; an India of no bar of caste, religion, region and languages; an India of sustained development; an India where people are devoted to self less service. The yatra proved that my wish to have an Ideal India is not a far dream, it’s very much possible but there is need of a collective effort and leadership to achieve the dream. The yatra made us to realize that a bed of 1.5ft x 6ft is sufficient to sleep and a place of 6ft x 6ft is more than enough to spend life. The real happiness comes from making new relationship with unknown person, satisfaction comes not from gathering resources but by sharing limited resources, joy of life is in taking grief and sorrow of others.

I don’t know whether I will be able to live in India of my dream but those 15 days will be always in my heart and those co-yatris will be in the centre of the heart.

Above all, the following song will always motivate me, and will always show me a hope whenever I feel down. It will always ensure my commitment.

“यारों चलो बदलने कि रुत है”

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