Fading Languages…


India is a land of diversity and equally diverse is its languages and dialects of the land. Though only 22 languages has been constitutionally recognised to be included in Schedule 8 of Constitution of India but it doesn’t undermine several other prominent languages which are being spoken by crores of people daily. But, unfortunately, legacy of British had valued English over native languages and dialects. Colonisation of mind that person knowing western language is more intellect, smart market oriented is something created by the globalised world to feed to their workforce requirement. Yes, there exists argument that knowing English is behind India’s software and service industries’ boom. I do accept that, I am also writing here in English, but undermining and devaluing native languages is the problem.

I feel ashamed not because I am not fluent in spoken English or sometimes do vocabulary error while writing but because neither I know well to communicate and write in my mother tongue ‘Angika’ nor father tongue ‘Bhojpuri’. Deciphering ‘Khortha Language’, local language of the place of my resident, is beyond my intellectual capacity.

If we look into facts and figures of linguistic diversity of India we will know that many of our ancient local languages and dialects are now extinct, many are on the verge of extinct and lots more are now endangered. Close to 800 languages and dialects exist across India, according to the People’s Linguistic Survey of India, an independent study conducted by Bhasha Research Centre and nearly 300 languages have gone extinct in the country since the time of independence. A loss of around 30% of languages that were thriving before independence. Bhasha’s language count includes all those in currency, irrespective of the number of users.

However if we go for Census of India surveys we will find that close to 1,600 languages were in use in 1961, 108 in 1971 and 122 in 2011. The drastic reduction in number of recorded languages between 1961 and 1971 is because languages those were spoken by less than 10,000 people were excluded from surveys after 1961. This shows reluctances of government in documentation and protection of our native languages and dialects. As per UNESCO there are 197 endangered languages in India, with 42 classified as Critically Endangered.

A modern intellectual will surely ask why so emphasis on insignificant languages which are now not more than obsolete. Dear Friend, Language is not just a media of communication but it defines a whole of culture and life. Many religion and civilisations thrive on these languages. It binds community and promotes kinship. The language is our identity. Even just analysis of tone of your words could well decipher from which part of the country you belong to. Just imagine what role a language could play.

There are also majoritarianism opinion that Hindi should be made a national language and people from southern part of India must use Hindi Language in day to day official purpose instead of English. I stand with your opinion in replacing English with Indian language but for imposing Hindi on them I will protest against it. The Hindi language which is in use nowadays is more of recent origin which hardly dates back before 19th Century. Culturally this language could not be traced with any land of the country. And language defines culture. Language of southern India could be well traced back by 2500 years, how could Hindi replace such strong historical languages.

Tribal civilisation intrinsically woven around tribal languages are treasure of knowledge of nature’s cure and well being. We had already lost cents of tribal languages and information associated with those languages in stories, couplets, songs etc. and this is irreparable loss to us. Need of the hour is to recognise our inherent strength in our dialects and languages and make effort to protect, preserve and promote them without hesitation. The least we could do is to speak in our native language with our friends and family and never make language a medium to judge someone’s intellect and intelligence. This will be one of the worst form of discrimination practiced in society.


An Open Letter to Yami and Alike…


Dear Yami,

My self Shivam from a small city Dhanbad in Jharkhand. I am not your fan but just liked your attitude and found you to be mature and sensitive enough for social cause.

But your endorsement of Fair n Lovely cosmetics for enhancing skin color/tone of face for woman is something I didn’t expected from you.

In our school sciences we all had studied that the protein Melanin is responsible for color tone of our skin and its natural. A mature person would never discriminate people based on such differences among people. I had read few celebrity gossips and found that you have always supported these values. It was this value of yours which I had always appreciated and keep a special respect for you.

We all know that Fair n Lovely can never bring fairness to ones melanin tone. It only covers up the natural skin with cosmetics layer which is light in color. Though its your personal life and your personal decision to promote the product, whatever be the reason for it.

Being a member of this society and further being admirer of you I felt something different by your involvement  in this advertisement.

This is not the only reason which urged me to pen you down my concern but the issue is more significant in aspect of discrimination based on tone of skin color. The commercial is colonising mind of masses that milky white skin color is only of worth to fit into this society. Person with dark skin color need to be segregated from normal sphere of society and they are not equal to fair skinned person. If they wish to be part of this society they must change color/tone of their skin. Here we must remember how this ideology had subjugated Indian people by Britishers who were of fair complexion compared to Indian, this racial ideology made people of Africa to serve as slave to Europeans. This ideology could never be appreciated in a civilised world. But this ideology are still being propagated by cosmetic commercial advertisements for market driven profit motive.

Further, to women who are naturally of dark complexion due to their genetic inheritance and high activity of Melanin harmon and concerned protein, these commercials quell their morale. They feel neglected in society and fall into depression. The colonised mind of eligible bachelor always seek a milky white bride and this poses problem to bride of dark complexion to get married easily. Either the family had to compromise by giving hefty amount in dowry or the groom is not of the comparable qualification as that of bride. I hope you are well aware of condition of women in Indian society and discrimination they have to face in day to day life in this patriarchal society. You might also be experiencing such patriarchal attitude in your profession and spheres which objectify a woman for one or the other benefit or purpose. This subjugation of women is much high in these remote part of the country. You might be yourself knowing about skewness in gender ratio in your Chandigarh and neighbouring Haryana.

Being a member of the society its our duty and responsibility to curb menaces which undermines Human Values and equality. We can’t imagine our life without selfless support of members of this society. This selflessness of others urges us to do our bit in best possible way. As your involvement in the commercial might be bounded by contract and you may have no control over it but I would expect you to be choosy in any such future contracts. Further, I would also appreciate if you could do something for emancipation of women and curbing discrimination based on skin color, only if effect of it will reach remote part of the country there shall be true emancipation and empowerment of women of our villages and rural settlements. In India actress and actors of screens are perceived as role model in our life and many of us draw inspiration from people like you in many spheres of our life. Your involvement in such movement will surely bring a change in our attitude and transform society. I shall always be of help to you, just let me know.

Yours sincerely

Shivam Kesari

I don’t have a girlfriend and it is not my fault.


I couldn’t make a girl friend and its not because I lacked some quality to have one. But the reason is deep entrenched in attitude of patriarchal society. I have valid arguments in this regard.

My schooling was from a Sainik School and it was and still is ‘only boys’ school prohibiting admission of girls. One well accepted reason to establish Sainik School is to prepare young children with military attitude to better fulfil need of India Armed Forces. And everyone know that until recently women didn’t had permanent commission in our Armed Forces. When Armed Forces is deemed to be place of only men then Sainik School was also deemed to be training school only for boys. The school is strictly prohibited for girls; how could I interact with one? The school days went in the status of ‘Single’.

Then I was lucky enough to get into the then Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (IIT-ISM, Dhanbad) in the Branch of Mining Engineering. Though not enough tough like Military but it is not an easy industry too. In this institute too entry of girl student to discipline of Mining engineering was strictly prohibited (from the admission session of 2016 I think the prohibition had been lifted), though IIT KGP and IIT BHU allowed admission of girls in Mining Discipline. In this institute also the problem was of gender stereotype and patriarchal attitude that women can’t work in mining industry, it is highly male dominated; they will risk their security and safety and all; Better to prohibit their entry. It was a all boy classroom.

Yes, you may ask question why didn’t you made one from another branch….
I accepts my fault… I was not so fast, as my batchmates were… I had some different priority which they didn’t had….. it was ‘Society’.

But, my this weakness doesn’t hide away gender discrimination which society is subjecting over on education of girl children. However fast I would have been to make a girlfriend, I wouldn’t had enough fast to win a race with 400 boys for just 20 girls, only 20 of my batchmate succeeded. Yes, the ratio for girls to boys in my institute or rather every good institutes was 20:400  i.e 1 in 20. And this is something shameful for the society. We didn’t promote girls’ education equally as that of boys’ education. This ratio is still valid. It can’t be assumed that intelligence of girl is less than that of boy, but opportunity available with girl for higher/advance learning is surely less. In absence of gender discrimination, gender stereotyping and all such gender related crabs there would have been one to one ratio for boys and girls and there would been one ‘she’ for me, I didn’t would had to make any effort to get her. But societies’ patriarchal attitude bereft me of a girl friend.

Nothing achieved in college days.

Yes, I got opportunity to interact with girls in other social gatherings…. but I am also a part of society designed and structured by its gender stereotypes. Instead of  gender sensitivity I was more taught gender untouchability…. Stay away from opposite sex… Don’t interact with them…. In many social gathering they seemed to be alien…. Not to talk…. Actually we didn’t know how to talk with them, how to behave with them, how to interact with them…. For me, it was better to stay away from them!!!

Further, caste obligations imposed upon us by family and communities ensured I doesn’t cross the limit in seeking a girlfriend.


So hereby the youthful age to have a girl friend lost forever, may be I have a better luck in next life.

But, it depends in which direction patriarchal attitude of society moves…

Whether society improve over gender discrimination or it further worsen to further decline Child Sex ratio below 911… (As per the Census, 2011 the child sex ratio (0-6 years) has shown a decline from 927 females per thousand males in 2001 to 919 females per thousand males in 2011).

If this happens then … Ghar walon ko bhi shaadi ke lie larki nahi mil paegi!!!

So, I am ashamed not because I don’t have a girl friend but of the cause as to why I don’t have a girlfriend. Ashamed of gender biases, gender discrimination and gender stereotyping.

The only thing I could do now is to strive to make a gender balanced society for better future of my next generations.

The Romance of Modernity….

images (4).jpgSince the era of Industrial Revolution there has been a term called ‘Modernity’ which is  constantly evolving in its meaning. It has always been defined according to the context in which and by which it is being used. For instance, Capitalists define it as a market condition in which consumerism is high, socialists define it as an evolution of egalitarian society with equality of opportunity to all, traditional culturalist to whom Modernity intrudes in their cultural life, Religious Orthodox  for whom Modernity is subverting their age old religion, youth to whom Modernity brings new gadgets and technologies, feminists have their own conception of modernity- in      -vitro fertilisation and test tube baby reproduction technologies will make females free from reproductive roles and they will have equal say in the society in every walk of life with no family burden, scholars of polity see Modernity in electoral reform and strengthening of democratic values, to people like me modernity brings a hope to ensure transparency in governance…. These were some bright side of Modernity. But Modernity also has some negative facets. It has devastating affect on environment, violation of forest rights of forest dwellers, loss of livelihood of tribals and marginalization of people engaged in cottage and household based industries, increasing gap between have and havenots, ever increasing pauperization of society. The significant point is that more than 70% of the population are facing the darker side of the modernity. While at one hand 70% of Indian population are defined as poor but on the other hand we have 70% of our representatives in parliament who have value of property in crores. Still we are in romance with modernity. Driven by the industrialization of west our Nation Builders during the struggle of Independence made a comparitive analysis of pre- industrial society of Europe with at then current situation of freshly independent India. It was inferred that as the industrialization of west industrialization in India would also address socio-economy-political problems of India. This comparison was further strengthened during economic reforms of 90s and we are still following westernization. In case of India modernity has been used in the same sense as westernization. Infact they tend to make same meaning. But this romance didn’t lasted for long. The path of modernity which we were following had led to us to a virtual modernity just giving us a sense of false utopia. Here it is worth to mention that the western practice of modernity to which we adhere to is itself something obsolete to western world. WHile developing world is euphoring Globalization and opening their market, decreasing subsidy to indigenous industry, highly developed world of west sphere are apparently making their economy close and buffered to Globalization. Sigificant examples are overprotective IPRs, subsidy to agriculture, extreme regulation in sanitary and phytosanitory measures, formation of regional blocks etc.

images (2).jpg

Instead of solving problem modernity has itself posed a question mark… What modernity should be like…. At present Modernity is being enjoyed by only upper and elite class at the expense of exploitation of other classes. We have emphasized only materialistic consumerism facets of Modernity and failed to evolve modern spiritual thinking.  A strong analysis is needed to find what went wrong in Romance with Modernity else breakup of the society is not much far.

I shall be ending with a phrase ‘ The life on the Earth was made for Animals and Plants…. Unfortunately we evolved’.

GenNxt: Targets to the Next Generation.

GenNxt in Coal India is a new concept or say an initiative to get involve new generation of young energetic executive who are fresh with their knowledge, ideas and mind in proposing and implementing something new in this traditional industry. It’s a platform to resonate long experience of senior executives with energy and enthu of young executives. To facilitate such integration Team GenNxt organizes workshop for every discipline in Coal India Limited. One such workshop for Mining Discipline was organized in SECL, Bilaspur and I got an opportunity to participate in it. I was one among many participants from various subsidiaries of the Company and in total there were around 50 participants. Apart from participants the main magnet of the workshop were Secretary to the GOI, Ministry of Coal, Director (P)  of CIL , CMD , DTs, DF and DP of SECL. Enough authority to make it a high level workshop. Added to it was cultural evening in which energies of old and new mingled to rock the floor. This brief introduction is enough to get the picture of the workshop.

The core part of the workshop was brainstorming among young executives to make achieve Coal India Limited target production of 1 Billion Tonne by FY 2019-20, coded as ‘Mission One Billion’. As expected plethora of ideas emerged as project proposals, induction of advance technology, enhancement of existing technologies and such alike to achieve the Target. Current production level is around 600 MT per annum. 400 MT more to produce in 3 yrs to meet energy demand of the country and become independent of importing coal. With globalization importing of coal is more of a commercial-eco-political decision and beyond CIL but achieving the target set by the ministry is our very purpose . The target has been set and this whole concept of GenNxt is revolving primarily around achievement of this target with involvement of young executives and secondarily enabling young executives to be capable of taking leadership role to fill the coming gap of retiring executives. Whatever be, Gen Nxt was worth to participate.


To all participants it was a wonderful and exciting activity with dual way enrichments. But, I had expected something else from the workshop and was disappointed.  The concern was about implementation part. Effective and efficient implementation of project, scheme and program has been lacuna of Govt organizations and CIL is not an exception to it. It would had been better if brainstorming had focussed on how to effectively implement the existing and future projects. The industry is creeped up with ‘ Short Term Plan attitude’ in order to achieve benefit in near future at the sake of long term future which are many times detrimental to sustainability of the projects. ‘Mission One Billion by 2019-20’ is itself an example of it….The hall was silent on what beyond that or the road map to achieve it!! For sustainable development we need to have a progressive long term policy and plan which may not serve our interest at the Moment but very much viable in long term. Non of the advanced technology, automation, plan, policy and projects can sustain if we still be driven by attitude of ‘do whatever to attain just short term goal’. A viable project should not only look forward to financial profitability, break even point or production target but must also encompass economic cost, environment cost, social cost along with rights and views of all stakeholder.

Over all it was a wonderful event and credit goes to GenNxt Team Yuva specially the hospitality person PM and SJ of SECL  and last but not the least the  person from HQ ‘RS’.

Hope next workshops also brainstorm over implementation part and how to change attitude towards it.

Raksha Bandhan: Undefined Pledges…

 download (1)

As always Kartavya celebrated this Raksha Bandhan joyfully with full vigour and ectasy. I was delighted to be a part of that celebration. Lovely children surrounding you to make a bond with you- a divine and spiritual bond. No word to express it. Few children were also asked to share what do they know about Raksha Bandhan and why do we celebrate it. Most of them had mentioned the same religo event between Sri Krishna and Draupadi from Mahabharat for remarking this day and the conventional purpose to ask the brothers to protect their sisters after tying the sacred thread, what we have known from childhood. But one girl in her teen had some other concerns. Instead of going for religo-conventional description of this holy event she made her point to realize Raksha Bandhan in contemporary world. Though she couldn’t expressed herself confidently but a mature person would perfectly understand her implications and concerns. She all wanted to say was Raksha Bandhan is not only a bond between brother and sister and a commitment from brother to protect a sister from all dangers in her life but also a vow to respect every girl and woman, which the society is forgetting. A girl wants her brother not only to respect her dignity but dignity of others also. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is losing its value and has become just a one day activity on the Full Moon day of Saavan Month every year. The space has been further occupied by commercial entities to exploit this emotional connection. Ever increasing crime rate against women make her sense very much true. Added to this is dilemna that most of the women are victim to crimes commited by their known ones. Infant/foetus femicide is on rise with making a very skewed child sex ratio. Doesn’t this infers that a Brother has failed to ensure life and liberty to her small infant/foetus sister.

The second thing which was very common was that every children mentioned that a brother pledge on this day to protect his sister. A thought ran in my mind. Is brother only capable to protect sister or is a sister so incapable that she can’t defend herself. Outright answer to this thought is never possible but tradition does show gender biasness. Even our constitution talks of ‘Brotherhood’ and not about ‘Sisterhood’. Right from childhood even before one can be concious of her/his environment our society defines gender role in a stereotypical way. A boy is projected strong and brave and a girl as soft at heart and emotional and physically weaker than boys. Any girls who break through the gender stigma is at once called a ‘Beta’ or ‘Son’ of the family making them proud. Isn’t a girl as a girl make a family proud and still be girl. This gender stereotypes manifests itself in the Raksha Bandhan.

There need to be a paradigm shift in defining gender roles. Instead of taking a pledge for protecting her sister, pledges shall be taken to ensure gender equality and empowering sister to do her protection herself. Pledges shall be taken to ensure respect and dignity to all females of our society. Pledges shall be taken to change our stereotypical mind and thoughts for female genders. A long way has to be covered before realizing gender parity and true spirit of this sacred Bandhan.

Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Couldn’t find where to put this para so penning it down as post script. Its all about feminine abusive words to which we are very common and seems to have become a word of routine communication. Sometimes used as for frustration, sometimes to abuse some one and sometime as part of our speech. Don’t know whether it denigrate the person to which it is targeted or not, but its for sure it does denigrate females of our society and unintentionally includes relationship terms which are our family members!!!


India shall be celebrating its 70th Independence Day on coming 15th August. A long drawn struggle which took 90 years to free India from exploitation of British Paramountancy of 190 years. 15th August has always been a moment to cherish. Even our constitution has made it fundamental duty to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom; But to me there has always been a thought which haunts me. Was the national struggle for freedom a collective mass effort or just collection of efforts of different interest against colonialists. Interest of poor farmers and general mass was one of the last matter to be raised. There was interest of business houses who had to face competition from british industry, landlords whose right to land revenue was curbed, elite Indian classes who had to face discrimination from Britishors, then came the King of princely states who felt just like a puppet of British Paramount and at last came poors industrial and plantation workers and farmers, who were deprived of healthy livelihood. All had different self interest but colletive vision- to expel Britishors out of India so that they can have safe environment for themselves. This led to a mission for free and independent India to have its own rule of law and constitution. Yes now we have a rule of law and our own constitution. India is now free and independent, but just ‘India’ and may be few vested interest, who had high stake in a free India to make way for their personal agenda, have freedom not all the citizens. The mass- Industrial and plantation workers, farmers which consritutes more than 75 % of Indian population felt just change of people to exploit them. Earlier it was people from a country far off the ocean now the people are of this land only, our very own people. This 15th August always bring along with it a virtual sense of freedom and liberty. But doesn’t clarify freedom from what or liberty for what!

Misgovernance, misrule, autocracy, corruption, exploitation and similar all maladministration which existed during British era do exists even now. Where do the freedom or liberty exists? Yes, they do exists, but only in the texts of our Constitution. And we feel delighted of it. Its only because of Article 32- Right to move to Supreme Court for enforcement of these fundamental rights. Again, the hook is the time that elapse in judicial procedure and cost that accompany it. Judiciary has just been a instrument to serve well off. Poors rarely cross even the first stage of judiciary i.e. beyond magistrate court. Daily wage earner has to lose Rs. 100 as transportation cost in addition to Rs. 250 per day as wage loss to let their voice heard in a district administrative office. How can they think of moving to supreme court under article 32!!! They constitute more than 70% of Indian population.

Not to mention how much divided we exist in society- caste, class, region, religion, power, education and so on. Was this “the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom”?

15th August has just become a day of celebration, celebration not of Independence Day but of a ‘Holiday’. To relax and sleep. A day for our political leaders to express patriotism…. I afraid, hope there haven’t been fixed  monetary Commission in purchase of the National Flag.

Jai Hind.

GM Crop: Shall India Move Ahead


India habitating a large population of 125 crore substantially needs to ensure food security for all. An ability for indigeneous food production to meet the demand and further have provision for sufficient buffer stock to meet any adverse situation will only make India strong and stable and preserve its sovereignty. We can’t forget the days of early yaers of 1960s when we had to look towards USA for food grains and their mal-response to us, thanks to Russia which came to rescue us from food  scarcity. The time at now is much better than 1960s, credit surely goes to  The Green Revolution, Dr. M. S. Swaminathan (Agricultural Scientist) and Smt Indira Gandhi. The situation is better not best, we still need enough food security and provision of sufficient buffer stock and furthermore we need to diversify our food production and stock. For last two years El-Nino had negative impact on Kharif Crops followed by damage of Rabi Crops due to western disturbance. Year 2016 will probably continue to be the same. There is urge for urgent solution for crop failure.

There are voices supporting GM food crops which is said to ensure higher productivity per acre of land as compared to traditional seeds/crops. Developed Nations are either moving forward to GM Crops or going through extensive field trial. Whatever facts are being produced in support of high productivity of GM crops, those are based on farm produces in developed nation. Here we need to note that developed nation’s high productivity is not only due to adoption of GM seeds, along with it they also have strong infrastructural support to agriculture. Agriculture over there is completely mechanized. Small population and availability of large pool of land had made it possible. Whereas situation of India is almost opposite– Large population and small piece of land, hardly making land availability of more than 1 acre per farmer family. Food crop loss in India is mainly due to lack of irrigation facilities, unseasonal rain and decreasing productivity of soil. Through genetic modification of crop seeds the plant can be made drought resistant, withstand water log and pest resistant. It will surely make India food secured. But the technology also has disfunctions and it can’t be ignored straightway.

Technology of GM cotton crop has been introduced in India through genetically modified BT Cotton seed into which a gene of a Bacteria, Bacterio Thuriengenesis, had been inserted which proves toxic to bug which feeds on cotton balls. Fibre of cotton balls contain the toxic and kill the bug when it feeds on it. This was manifest function of Bt cotton seed but unfortunately the seed had also been modified to ensure that it doesn’t reproduce new seeds, as the farmers practice to preserve the seeds from current Crops to sow it in


next cropping. This had blown hard on Farmers economy as they have always to purchase new seeds. Initially Bt cotton seed was introduced at competetive price and had shown good response to farmers in increased productivity of cotton balls. The fox idea ultimately kicked out all other brands of cotton seed from the market. The firm producing Bt Cotton gained monopoly and subsequently increased seed price to Rs. 3000 per KG while traditional seed was available at just around Rs 700 per Kg. Enjoying patent right they are secure to lead the market for next 10 more years.

In India GM crop has not been allowed food crops because it may have harmful affect on human health as field testing of GM crop is also controversial. The fear exist that the normal cropping pattern will be endangered. Further with stiff patent regime the seed producer will have monopoly. The agro pressure group are vigilant now and had ensured that GM food crop trial and uses doesn’t get nod.

India has sufficient land and Human resources to make India self sufficient in food crops. As on date India has sufficient buffer stock of grains, there is lack of pulses, linseed and vegetables but that’s solely because of non-existence of Gov necessary support to farmers for the years. Specifically after 1990s reforms. When there was support and attention of Gov during Green Revolution we have result of enhanced production. Affect of introducing and adopting this new technology may be harsh as we are already victim of depleting ground water table and increasing salination and decreasing productivity of soil in north western India. Instead of introducing GM crops primacy shall be emphasized on improving Agriculture infrastructure such as irrigation, organic fertilizers, cold houses, rural credit support and crop insurance. Agricultural literacy program shall be started to further improve tradition way of farming instead of using GM crop. The current Government of India is welcomed in giving attention to Agriculture and Farmers in Budget 2016-17. But history of administration in India has been not up to the mark. We always have good programs and schemes of GOV but we  always lack in their implementation. Hope the current government also emphasize at implementation part of the programs in time bound manner with provision of regular monitoring.
There is long way before we need to adopt GM crops.

Women Empowerment: A Big No to Dowry.


Couple of weeks ago I published a blog (an open letter to groom) requesting groom to prohibit dowry transaction and how dowry affects our society in general and female status in specific. It was more of a request to  the groom. On the eve of International Women’s Day I take opportunity to express through this blog what female members of the society shall do to empower themselves. Though, I can never be perfect to express their concerns until I am myself one of them but still I shall proceed and now request them to say no to dowry demand.

Many a times I had observed that more than what a man discriminate to a woman, the woman herself discriminate to self. Though the world is developing with modern ethos but still we are unable to get out of the gender stereotyping of recognising women of next status. Unfortunately even woman doesn’t want to get out of this stereotype. What can be a best example other than a case from my own family.
“ Whenever some important decision is to be taken in my family and my mother knows what the best decision would be she still always ask me to have a discussion with my father though knowing he will also go for the same.” I had argued with my mother for why can’t she take decision of the household, the only answer I always have is ‘He is chief of the home’. I don’t argue much, else Raat ka khana nahi milega!!!

This is just one case of Patrilineal Society, how female part doesn’t want to be authoritative to take decision or lead. Many such issues are well around us and has become such integrated to our daily life that we even can’t recognise it. What can be more significant of this that males are deciding and leading the movement for empowering women, we are discussing whether they shall be given reservation in legislature or not. Leaders of most of the prominent women movements in India have been male.

I started by mentioning Dowry which is related to marriage. Lets get back to it. Marriage is a social institution and  here also gender stereotyping dominates the decision to chose a groom. I am not mentioning about any religious rites or custom but purely personal decision to choose a groom.

Lets play role model:
Just assume yourself a well educated bride, having good salaried job, good height, figure and complexion. Your salary is highly enough to run the household and have sufficient saving. Now the questions are: Will you marry a groom —
1. who earns much less than you but is ready to look after household chores and child. A job similar to a typical housewife – ‘Househusband’
2. Is less educated than you and earns nominal salary.
3. Is of less height than you or is much thinner than you. In short say ‘a physical mismatch’. (Leave away your physio-emotional attraction).
Most of the bride will negate with my view, and this questions can look strange for the issue of my concern. But the decision will surely be dominated by gender stereotype. And this stereotype give room to dowry. Better things comes with price and for marriage and groom case it is termed as ‘Dowry.’

Women empowerment has been westernised in the ethos and has become more of a mediocre topic loosing its vital concern. In my opinion its not just about few women getting top management position in any firm or few lady playing leading roles in a feature film or a woman not needing a man other than to have a child or of to have freedom of choice. Is it not a shame that a women making to a top position becomes a news? The words ‘Women Empowerment’ have much depth and concern.

There is a need to break thinking, not only of men but also of women. They themselves shall strive to get out of their stereotype. What I think if the curse of dowry has to overcome first step shall be from a bride. In case of Dowry transaction in well educated family I get puzzled, ‘why did not the bride complained to the police of dowry demand, didn’t she know cases of dowry death, female foeticide, infanticide, second status of girl child in home, less literacy rate of women and many such cases. If not, then don’t even she knows how much mental harassment it causes to their parents! She knows, but more than it she had learned in the society that she ‘need to marry a groom better than herself’ at whatever dowry their parents has to pay.
Women empowerment will be just a matter of talk and mediocre movement until bride take a move to get the dowry seeker behind bars. Prohibition of dowry transaction in the society will itself make 50% of Indian Women empowered. She will be well educated, she will have her choice to lead life her own way, have coordinating authoritative position in home, right to inheritance in household property and such more rights at par with male counterpart. Women will be assumed empowered if they don’t make a news of achieving some top post.

Happy International Women’s Day….

Lives Lost for Nothing


Hey man over there plz come down,
There is your family far in the town,
Why are you bearing such pain,
All your sacrifice may go in vain,

In the name of Patriotism and Jihadism,
You all are being used,
What made you such course to choose.
All this is just a political game,
When you martyr, they only make your fame,
Rarely they go on the front,
As they fear of bullet burnt.

We the people down here,
Always hail your martyrdom there,
Afraid of such course for ourselves,
On the social sites
we only like, share and comment your braves.

Are you a fool,
Come down here and enjoy life cool,
Let the nation have its fate,
Let the enemy come to our gate.

Rather spread words of love, compassion and peace,
The solution is only this.
Neither we nor our enemy gain anything,
But there surely exists third party always profiteering,
They are the companies of arms manufacturing.

Let us make this world borderless,
People shall roam everywhere fearless,
Let’s prevail rationalism over religion,
Else society will be just cage of pigeons.

“वसुधेव कुटुम्बकं”


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