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देशभक्त की गाथा…

है दिल में भरा नफरत पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं समझता मैं संविधान के मुल्यों को पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं पालन करता मैं कानून का पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

हूँ मैं भ्रष्ताचार में लिप्त पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

कमाता हूँ मैं अवैधानिक दौलत पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं भरता मैं कोई कर पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

चल रहे हैं कई मुकदमे मुझपर पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

भरता हूँ अपना पेट मैं गरीबों के पैसे से पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

हड़पता हूँ मैं शहीदों के परिवार के लिए बनाए घर पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

लूटता हूँ अस्मत मैं ऒरतों की पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

भडकाता हूँ मैं दगें पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

करता हूँ मैं जातीय भेदभाव पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नही दिखती लोगो में फैली अशिक्षा पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं दिखती समाज में पैठ बनाती आर्थिक भेद पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं करना चाहता मैं देश और समाज के लिए कोई त्याग पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं देना चाहता मैं देश और समाज के लिए अपने सुख का बलिदान पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं जाना चाहता मैं सीमा पर लड़ने को पर मैं देशभक्त हूँ,


नहीं दिखता मुझे गोले बारुद पर व्यर्थ होते कोष क्योंकि मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं दिखते मुझे सीमा पर गिरति लाशें क्योंकि मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं समझ पाता मैं कि उस कोष से पुरी अशिक्षा मिट सकती है क्योंकि मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

नहीं समझ पाता मैं कि उस कोष से सभी को गुणवत्ता भरी स्वास्थ्य सेवा मिल सकती है क्योंकि मैं देशभक्त हूँ,

हूँ मैं देशभक्त क्योंकि इससे ही मेरी नय्या चलती है,

हूँ मैं देशभक्त क्योंकि इससे ही मेरी रोटी सीकति है,

हूँ मैं देशभक्त क्योंकि इसका दामन ओढक़र समाज में अपनी पैठ बनाता हूँ,

हूँ मैं देशभक्त क्योंकि इसका चोला पहनकर वोट मांग पाता हूँ,

गर्व है मुझे कि इंसानी मूल्यों से ज्यादा देशभक्ति के मूल्य दिखाता हूँ,

जवानों को सरहद पर भेजकर यहाँ मलाई बैठकर खाता पाता हूँ।


For #DESHBHAKT of India, China and Pakistan alike without any Prejudice and Discrimination….


Communalism Vs Development


India, boasts a great history and unmatched diverse culture, geographically being seventh largest, 2nd largest demographically, and largest democratically country in the world, but still we are searching for our soul, spirit and moral values. The rich cultural heritage had been diluted in recent decades; the loss in moral values of Indian citizen is dragging us again towards dark ages though we dream to become super power. As per article 25 we have right to (i) profess religion; (ii) practice religion; and (iii) propagate religion thus making India a secular country. But the question is ARE WE TRUELLY A SECULAR COUNTRY? France states itself as secular, but there exists much difference in way of adopting secularism in India and France. In India we are free to adopt and perform any religion, can follow the customs of particular religion while in France the citizen is not allowed to adopt or follow any of the religion. We Indian had developed the religion as emotional rather than cultural or spiritual. India had been diversified since time immemorial assimilating all the religions and races in it. India had nourished kaleidoscope of culture. The name of the country itself states the diversity of country which assimilates all customs, the civilization which nurtured on the bank of Indus is known as India or Hindustan- the Persian word for people living on the bank of river Indus. Hindu doesn’t refer to any particular religion or belief, it’s a word used for people of the civilization near Indus river.

But the questions being raised by radicals: Did this behavior of India barred its development????

Peoples at governance both at center and states are being selected (not elected) based on their religion and caste. Even to get majority of vote bank political leaders don’t dare to flash a communal riot or fuel the spark which claims anonymously many lives. Furthermore the devastating situation is that the main plotter of the incident can’t be pointed out. Everyone claims other and all of them enjoy the impotency of investigating agencies. India is baned of such incidence since 1854, one such incident can be dated back to December 1992 followed by the ill famous Godhra Riot, wound of which is still fresh — which made the country feel ashamed globally, due to which innocent Indian families of both religion in India as well as in neighbor Muslim nations have to face the trauma. The humorous note about this incident is that different committee formed by different governing bodies gave different conclusions and none of them were found to be similar. This shows that even justice to innocence can’t be spared from political motive.

With heading towards 2014 (in-case we survive after Dec,2012 !!!) the discussion of next political party to form the next government, our next PM is growling all around. Some speculate based on performance of present government, some presumes based on communal dissension however there even exists big segment to whom this doesn’t matter at all (I feel pity on them). But when development is to be given prime concern we are fallen aback, India failed to produce such political party or even if it exists it is so malnourished to think of development of one and all, which have vision and mission to make India super power, which have way to approach commendable standard of living, which can change the definition of literacy and then can roar about its literacy percentage, which can make the economy of country prosperous.

But alas! we are still psychologically not competent enough to differentiate between communalism and development. We can be drived by some @#$%^&* people for their illicit motive. Our soul gets provoked to kill or harass someone just because he belongs to other caste, race or religion. We take pledge to the nation only for the sake of formality. The history is evident how emotions of people had been invoked to spark riots and the person who have soul motive in this flame remains far away from it, to have a safe place both physically and politically. How can these insanes be forbidden‼!

Indian politics is majorly played by only two political houses; one of them claims to be pro secular while other one always tries to become secular. But in reality none of them knows the first alphabet ‘S’ of secularism. Development of country had never been on their agenda, even during recent state elections it was observed that some major developmental decisions can be revoked so that the party gets elected to implement it, the government plays with economy and market just after election according to their wish.

For last few years India has faces that have vision of empowerment of the state he rules, who are trying hard to develop their state, improve the condition of living of its citizens, making their states to compete the economy. At the same time we also have faces who have bellied the natural resources of the states, who are making themselves lustrous on sake of others primary amenities for survival. One thing which can be said common to both type of faces is that both have to do social engineering to win the election. From this scenario can this be deciphered than even if one political party wants the development or have that vision and mission but still it have to be communally sound to get elected? Who is responsible for this situation, we the people or they the politicians?

Few scholars even argue liquor and money plays the role, but every candidate has that resource and they utilize them at best possible way. So the only way to get vote is based on social factors and even the monetary resources is also spend for those voters only. This makes us to return to the same factor to get vote- religious, casteism. Even it can’t be denied that to get favor from particular group of religion or caste their development and education had been jeopardized. They had been denied basic amenities and during every election they are lured of better facility and education which becomes a sky dream after election.

Whichever policy the government brings to develop the society it’s not possible until effective work are done in education sector, its need of the hour to remove illiteracy from the society, but who is responsible for it? Its the Government, but had you ever heard of any person hammering his own foot!‼

Now let’s move to find the solution. First question which strikes is Do Solution Exists??? As per my optimistic nature solution to every problem exists, what needed is right motive and effort to find the solution. The first needed thing is to spread awareness about importance of education and every effort should be made to educate the society not just make them literate as per definition in our law. Every citizen must be capable to understand good and bad in their society, they must know the rights and powers endowed to the citizens of India by our constitution, though this is responsibility of government but we know their situation – they are busy protecting their seat and their job has to be accomplished by us. We, in whatever capacity we can, must educate the society. Even we have to educate ourselves about communalism, casteism Vs development. We have to make over the practice of casteism endowed by our ancestors. The only solution is entrance of ethical people in politics, who have vision only of development and prosperity of nation and its citizens. One more important point is to maintain that ethical value throughout the political carrier. The person have to do ground work and have to connect himself with  society on regular basis, he must know and try to solve the problem of society and must win their faith such that no liquid and liquor can change their faith during election.

The Team Kejriwal had decided to enter into active politics, though the decision is very correct as there is no solution other than politics to change the system and their movement was also good step to make the country to know their presence but as per my view this was not the right time to declare political motive. They should have waited for few more months till 2013 and must take the spark decision to enter the politics. I may not be aware of the real motive behind their decision taken so early but I know the existing political party will surely try to hamper this decision and will try hard and crook to harass the team and make their morale down. This team had given us face who can think beyond “-ISM”. It’s a matter of time whether their vision of development and corruption free country will get them in power or still “—ISM” will dominate over the voters decisions. One thing that we can do, rather I would say we must do, is to spread their vision to every nook of country.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

Belief in the ‘WEST’.

This blog is not about discussing boon or bane of allowing FDI in INDIA, neither it will discuss the data related to FDI. I am trying to focus “is there any substantial need urging INDIA to beg alms from foreign countries!!!”

The current economic position of INDIA is just because of our policy to look west. It is so inculcated in our nature that we even globalize the terrorist attack of 26/11 of Mumbai to 9/11 of USA just to find a correlation of ’11’. The science and technology of INDIA is only realized when it get return back from west or its use had been certified from west. Recent example is of the language ‘SANSKRIT’ which has been notified as the easy language for computer ( )  and the debatable topic for origin of the world’s language (  ) but to INDIAN it is a nightmare subject.  For last few centuries our independence have been put up for sale to other invaders, be it invading emperors of 1000AD or century ago the Britishors. We boast of independence and right to life and liberty but at the next moment we look to others for the help. With long era of 800 to 1000 years this had been inculcated in our genes to be dependent on others and we have forgotten what being independent means. One more good quality we INDIANs have is to develop faith on others- Be it the East India Co. or the recent advances in Indian economics from foreign investment.

Our freedom fighters laid their lives for an independent environment with our own industries, markets, technologies, peoples and consumers. But we fall prey to west and east. Recently, I read a book which was about the magnificent science and technology India had over thousands of years ago and how they were shared free of cost to every nation and we believed: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the whole world is one single family“. We were self dependent on every aspects, with great science and technology in every field you can think of. I am hereby sharing links from wikipedia for your reference. ( ,

But, the present scenario depicts something else which didn’t require any discussion. From science and technology to culture and heritage we believe in the west. I am not mentioning that looking west is crime, but it shouldn’t cost our self dependency and self esteem. Our present education system which was creation of Lord Macaulay one and half century back is very much responsible for it. Two letters of Macaulay one to his boss and other to his father is as below. The letter shows the very intention of the so called ‘LORD’ to curb the independency of INDIA forever by executing the materialistic education system.

Harms were also made by the invaders from Afganistan and other Muslim nations who destroyed and theft our long and eminent ancient science documents. We had renowned Economists and Politicos – Chanakya, Medical Surgeon – Shushrut, Aircraft Technique- Pushpak Vimana, Metallurgy – Ashoka Stambh, Arithmatic and Algebra, Head transplantation – Lord Ganesha, our sage discussed much earlier about Nuclear science, spherical shape of earth, Sanjivani Booti (Alas! we are depending on nuclear technology of others) and much more.

We have excellent brain compared to other world but we lack infrastructure to utilize those brain, we have enough capital to invest in the country itself but we lack in protecting our own money from being deposited in foreign account, we have enough agriculture land for food but we lack in latest resources, technology and research to utilize those land, we have enough manpower but lack of their will to work, we have the largest democracy but lack in aptitude to choose the best, we have the largest government but lack in their capability to work.

Everyone agrees that FDI will boost the market, will strengthen the supply chain and will increase profit share of producers; but at what cost??? Where the people employed in supply chain management will go? With lack of infrastructure and resources only few of them will opt to return back to production process but will they be able for it? Instead they will lead to crime world ( FDI might be claiming to indirectly create employment in police and security services ) FDI would had been already captured those sector with no scope to new entrant and all of them will remain unemployed. They will not be able to start their own business and will lose their independence. We have enough entrepreneurs and philanthropist businessmen but not the policy to encourage them to develop the society but we do have enough licenses to curb their development.

The need of the hour is not to introduce policy of FDI but to introduce policy to establish our own research and development center as per the global level, policy to search and explore our ancient science documents and protect them through patent, policy to protect our money from being deposited in foreign, policy to reform education system, policy to reform election process and last but not the least — policy for fast track judgment for crimes of every aspects.

“If you really cares for us don’t let us fell prey to invaders; draft policy to make us independent.”

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