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Oh God, Where are you…


Oh God, Where are you,
People are fighting in the name of you,
Come and see chaos in this world,
Never hesitating to deprive human of their blood.

They call you all mighty,
but has created division in the society,
don’t know what their motive is,
but its sure,
Love and compassion of the religion is about to cease.

Society is struggling with sectarian rife,
orthodoxy and bigotry is now part of their life.
More than love for our own religion,
hatred has been cultivated for other’s religion.

We had learnt you are one,
but we follow path of none.
If the religion creates division,
then it needs a reformative revision.

Oh God, I have doubt on you,
you created us or we created you!
More than the purpose of spiritual,
your name has now become something political.

How can you turn such a blind,
you are god, can’t you rule our mind?
Make us follow the path of peace,
love and compassion without prejudice.

One more thing oh my god,
people call you as saver, do you nod?
Then why they create a havoc
In the name of saving a saver, do they mock?

If you call us children of yours,
then why discriminations so much sores,
Crores of peoples daily sleep hungry,
didn’t this makes you angry?

I now doubt your existence,
and in the temples, mosques and churches your presence.
Your are creation of the fear,
incapable to wipe our tear.

I denounce my faith and belief in you,
I will loose nothing in lieu.

Rather wasting time in your praise,
I will make effort for the society to raise.
In my path I may be lone,
but, eventually on realisation of truth
people will join who may or mayn’t be my known.

With No God, No lord, No religion,
society will face not this division.


The Contradictions…


Today evening when I was on the terrace in leisure I was just watching sky and imagining its depth; what do exists beyond that sky? Even astronomers couldn’t predict it. But the sky is one for every being on this earth. One Sun, one Moon, one Earth and indefinite number of stars. The shine of the Sun is for everyone, the shade of the evening is for everyone and darkness of the night is for everyone without biasness and discrimination. In the midst of my thought a humble sound of arti from my neighbourhood came to my ear to distract me from wondering this world. The week is being of Hindu Chaitra Navratra and the chant was for ‘Maa Ambe’. Now my imagination shifted from what exists far beyond that sky to how religion has bounded people. How we defy One Sun, One Moon, One Sky One Earth and divide ourselves in religions and further by different political boundaries. Again a deep thought came to me – What’s the purpose of existence of living beings in this world? Who created us? And my first contradiction which I noticed was — I didn’t believe in existence of god but again feel that there is something, some force, invisible energy which has created the universe, which has intrinsically woven every lives on the planet, and may be on different planets; but couldn’t apprehend what this force or energy is, but surely not the god/goddess whom we worship. The force/energy created life out of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and similar other elements by different combinations of chemical reactions and  bonding and physical atomic forces. The real quest is from where do these chemical elements occurred and why they chemically reacted and bonded together to create life. Why do human beings evolved? Who drives mind of these creatures? and god created us or we created god?

Now again a small creature distracted me, this was a mosquito. Why these disturbing and nuisance creatures came into life. Do they also have some purpose in their life apart from biting and infecting human beings with Malaria, Dengue etc; or this is their’s only purpose. Diseases like malaria and dengue had taken high toll on life of human beings and there must be no mosquito. Medical technologies must be advanced to cure people of every type of diseases and endow them with lengthy life. Yes, life expectancy has improved a lot with development in medical sciences and technologies. The Earth must be secured from all deadly viruses and bacteria. The second contradiction appeared. Does this virus and bacteria also have some task to accomplish assigned to them!!! To kill human beings!!! No how could they kill us, human beings are very intelligent social animals. But, we had caused must devastation to this Earth than what these deadly creatures had done to us, and this destruction to the planet was at high growth with modernisation and advent of anti-biotic drugs and medicines to have control over deadly Viruses and bacteria. These micro creature controlled overgrowth of human population – the deadliest animal as of now. Isn’t it great that these micro creature has unique capability to mutate their genes to develop resistance against latest anti-microbe drugs and survive and control human population. These microbes are earth/eco/environment friendly creatures and they must be protected and preserved.

Maa Ambe’s chant was now loud and fast in tempo as it was about to end. The family was in vigour, may be they were blessed by Maa Ambe!!!  The third contradiction appeared. Why not Maa Ambe bless everyone equally? Is she driven by paternalistic and aristocratic thinking who discriminate between people who hail for her and who doesn’t just as what our political leaders do, why not she protect everyone equally and feed every one with dignity, is she biased? If No, then why there is so much division and menaces in society, and if she is biased, they why should we respect her!!!

Don’t know whether god discriminate between people of different religion, faith and belief but the breeze, high in humidity, which was soothing and refreshing me was probably coming from Bay of Bengal crossing numerous towns, villages, forests, lands. It didn’t discriminated. Meanwhile, I think the mosquito to which I left after she sting me and sucked by blood has called her friends to find in me an easy prey. They attacked on me and I has to stop my imagination and get contradicted in my imaginations. Thanks to them to save my time. But the life of contradiction continues with out any answer of our existence and purpose in the world. Highly puzzled.

Other Side of Religion – Fear or Faith.

To person like me there always exists qualm to know how our religion evolved, why people have such immense faith and why are there certain practices in one’s religion and they differ with others significantly. Faith and belief of people to their religion even surpass their duty and liability towards their motherland and nation. Pointing to recent tragic incidence of Kedarnath flood and Bodh Gaya blast we find that even possibility of occurrence of such incidence didn’t reduce fervor of people to visit their shrine though there may be a momentarily pause. Within limited space I am trying to touch just the silver line of answer. Hope I succeed without hurting feelings of anyone!

Indian civilization is one the oldest dating back to 4000-5000 years. It has over the time assimilated many culture, customs, religions, faith and belief. This urged our leaders to declare India a secular state. I am discussing over here keeping Hinduism in centre and very much consent the same for other religions.

Hindu religion has 2 epics, 4 vedas, 108 Upnishads, 18 puranas and many other sacred writings evolved over centuries. Trend of Struti and Smriti was equally significant. Struti refers to sacred stories which passed over generations just as story heard, perceived and revealed. While smriti refers to struti which were noted down in physical form. But much had changed, modified, excluded as well as included in sacred stories passed over as struti before they were inscribed as smriti or even in smriti when they were translated in other language.

I am not invalidating existence of any of the divine being. They existed. They may have been king or spirituals and I very much respect that. But believe that they had divine power I disagree to it.

When Struti were passed on they were deciphered and delivered according to perception of narrator. Sarcastic modification of struti can’t be denied. Even in today world when we narrate some incidence we try to modify it a bit by our perception or become judgemental of the matter. Observing Mughal era in medieval period we can well notice the paintings of Mughals in which divine aura is shown around face of mughal emperors. Artists were devoted to the wisdom of emperor and compared them with divine. If these same paintings had been deep buried and excavated after thousands of years I think everyone would had considered mughal emperors as deity. Similar thing had happened in ancient India. Stories of kings had been modified and many times sarcastically. Sometimes narrator was motivated to do so to integrate and bind the society with fear of god/goddess and define code of conduct for every person based on those tales while other times they had so much respect that they perceived them creator of nature and also deciphered the same with their peers group. Contrasting in present era we can find many spiritual leaders and their followers who are highly devoted to them and many times think of them as their god. Existence of television and race of ‘TRP’ has further added to this sham as producer had indulged in adding visual effects and technology to present to viewers bogus actions of lord in many activities. Over time this has created visual perception of god and goddess to their worshipper who then merge to belief of existence of such unnatural power.

In our Hindu mythological tales we had always discussed Raakshasa and turmoil between them and God. I would like to make you aware that there was no such person as Raakshasa, they were simple tribal or so called low caste people who were often termed as Raakshasa by the then high caste society. And whenever high caste society encroached forest they were attacked by these tribals. This social evil of caste and class can be noticed even in Ramayana and Mahabharata; Tale of Shabri and her Berry in Ramayana, Ekalavya in Mahabharat and such more. We know Hidimba in Mahabharat who is said to be Raakshasa. Indra belonged to high caste and is said to be king of god and has protected gods from devils or Rakshasa.

In simple, high caste Brahmana were the main who used to narrate tale of Deity and over the years they had sarcastically narrated high caste king as divine and low caste or tribal forest dwellers as rakhshas. Even in Manusmriti (so called legal writing of Hindu religion) we can find how it has made woman a subject of rule by man; it has restricted liberty of woman while man has all the liberty. It has endorsed patriarchal system of society. We can openly say Manusmriti were written by scholars who felt insecure of offering equal status of women in the society or they feared of takeover of the society by women; such men even exists today.

In the moving point it would be an opportunity to add that many of great person were said to be divine and few of them incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This was chiefly done by followers of Vaishnavism ideology and they all had patronage of great kings of the time. This trend can be contrasted broadly in South India even in era of Medieval India. Southern kings built monumental temple to show their greatness and acknowledged their pupils that they have been directly blessed with divinity by Lord Vishnu and sent as messenger to rule the kingdom. In this kingdom who would dare to raise voice against validity of such divine blessing. And who ever had courage to question divinity must have been termed as Raakshasa. We know such culture because by that time technology of inscription was in world and almost everything was recorded. Had this tradition been narrated over tales it had been significantly modified as per wish of scholars and we would had one more deity.

Similar is the case with other religion. In every religion there was a trio of Messenger-Emperor-Follower. Messenger was having some ideology to propagate, he was having patronage of emperor to do so and followers, with the fear of emperor and well being of himself, had to follow the messenger and his faith.

In this long history of India and its religion we forgot the belief in humanity and moral. Fear of god/goddess/divinity/deity had been created to rule over us and till now we are inundated with those fear and many times fool them with our faith and belief. We pray to deity in fear for our well being. Sometime our respect moulds our faith and belief. Once nationalism has been ideology and every emperor strived to expand it many called that ideology religion. Till now we have same trend but somewhat in different way – That was period of emperor this is era of democracy; Religion always existed – then it was as nation now they are in a nation. Long way to go before nationalism becomes one’s religion.

God Tussi Kahan Ho!!!

Disclaimer: The blog is not intended to heart personal faith of anyone. It’s my personal opinion.

Lets start the blog with a chant of the GAYATRI MANTRA.

Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat
ॐ भूर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं । भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि, धीयो यो न: प्रचोदयात् ।।

Lets move to know the meaning of the GAYATRI MANTRA.

Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah :

AUM is the HUM produced when our universe system [earth(BHUR), planets(BHUVAH), stars, galaxies(SWAH)] moves at a very fast rate 22000 m / sec. This sound was heard  by Rishi Vishvamitra during meditation and he mentioned it to their colleagues. All of them, then unanimously decided to term this sound ‘AUM’ the name of God, this hum is available in all the three periods of time. This typical hum can also be heard when an ordinary fan with a speed of 900 RPM (rotations Per minute) rotates.

This hum of ‘AUM’ is from our own body and it can be felt when the strong energy inside the body urge to come out when we chant AUM.

Tat Savitur Varenyam:
Tat resembles to the strong desire with us, Savitur means the sun which resemble our resource, Varenyam signifies to respect our strong desire to utilize that resource. Once the form of a soul and its name is known, we locate the specific soul in form of Deity. And it’s an our tendency to ease ourselves and for that we have GOD.

Have you ever thanked a farmer for giving you the food?? You thanked GOD, but the actual GOD was the farmer. Have you ever thought, when you visit an idol of GOD or GODDESS, who made it so charming so as to attract a large mob of people to have a gaze.

Now we should move to Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi.

Bhargo devasya dheemahi: Bhargo mean light, Devasya denote knowledge, Dheemahi signify meditation.

This stanza imply us the power of meditation of the knowledge which we have in ourself.

A sage want us to proceed, but there is great problem to realize it. The human mind is so shaky and restless that without the grace of the Supreme (GOD) it cannot be controlled. For this, Vishvamitra suggested the way to pray him as under.

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat:
Dhiyo (intellect), yo (who), nah (we all), prachodayat (guide to right Direction).

We must make our intellect mind to think to the right direction for the welfare of the society and humanity.

Someone had said – “God is just an imaginary or virtual perception which we consider when we closes our eyes and believe that someone in the heaven is with us, looking after us in the odd circumstances and we pray for the bliss of ourselves.”

Have you ever thought who is god? Where he/she is? and such type of queries.

Believe it’s your soul who is god, the only thing you have to do is to examine your inner supremacy.  It is obvious that it can’t be done by all and who can do it, is GOD.

Human tendency is to transfer our burden on to someone else and this creates GOD ( the principle “ necessity is mother of innovation” here also works) with faith that he/she will take our burden/problem/tension. Just stand against the odd situations and face it with zeal, enthu and bliss. See the result – you are out of the hurdle.

One more propensity of us is that we fear to do something dreadful in front of GOD, but we do it. A best example may be : people avoid eating NON – VEG on holy occasions but eagerly waiting for this harsh time to pass to resume to their taste!!

At one side you believe GOD is watching everything and at one side you think that you are safe if you do something terrible far away from deity place. You make your god yourself!!!

Politician fight for the sake of GOD, at that time they didn’t think what was the policy made by GOD—all are equal. For them GOD is a word which can wash all of their sin in just one prayer.

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