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Oh God, Where are you…


Oh God, Where are you,
People are fighting in the name of you,
Come and see chaos in this world,
Never hesitating to deprive human of their blood.

They call you all mighty,
but has created division in the society,
don’t know what their motive is,
but its sure,
Love and compassion of the religion is about to cease.

Society is struggling with sectarian rife,
orthodoxy and bigotry is now part of their life.
More than love for our own religion,
hatred has been cultivated for other’s religion.

We had learnt you are one,
but we follow path of none.
If the religion creates division,
then it needs a reformative revision.

Oh God, I have doubt on you,
you created us or we created you!
More than the purpose of spiritual,
your name has now become something political.

How can you turn such a blind,
you are god, can’t you rule our mind?
Make us follow the path of peace,
love and compassion without prejudice.

One more thing oh my god,
people call you as saver, do you nod?
Then why they create a havoc
In the name of saving a saver, do they mock?

If you call us children of yours,
then why discriminations so much sores,
Crores of peoples daily sleep hungry,
didn’t this makes you angry?

I now doubt your existence,
and in the temples, mosques and churches your presence.
Your are creation of the fear,
incapable to wipe our tear.

I denounce my faith and belief in you,
I will loose nothing in lieu.

Rather wasting time in your praise,
I will make effort for the society to raise.
In my path I may be lone,
but, eventually on realisation of truth
people will join who may or mayn’t be my known.

With No God, No lord, No religion,
society will face not this division.


An adieu to Kartavya.

The unique model of rolling responsibility of Kartavya is always to be appreciated but it is also associated with twinge of adieu to Team Kartavya – children and volunteers. Started as a bad teacher of English subject (I didn’t have the art of teaching) and subsequently moved to higher responsibility. The guidance from seniors, coordination of colleagues and help from juniors were always commendable to make me learn many things from Team Kartavya. In last five year I have observed drastic expansion and development in Kartavya both horizontally and vertically. The kudos goes to the team and I am proud to be a small part of this great team which had engaged their precious time of academic life for this Noble cause. Not everyone is able to do this. Kartavya is not only uplifting slums, empowering children and their parents but also producing social leaders, a bunch of people who feel social responsibility to their society more than what other youth of our age group do feels.

After five years serving in Kartavya I also believe myself as one those many social leaders and this wouldn’t had been possible being away from it. My perception of life, success, career, happiness and motive is radically modified in these five years. Looking back to what I was 5 years ago and what I am now; the comparison is significant. Sustaining extreme pressure, heavy workload, coordinating and motivating a team, writing and communication skill, event management, organizational skill are few of the learning which I earned from experience with Kartavya. The confidence I developed while working in a dedicated team of around 100 volunteers give me a faith to manage any organization effectively and efficiently whether it be in social field or industry.

In quantitative comparison between what I gained from Kartavya and what I served to Kartavya there exists a high imbalance favoring the former one. Working in a highly dynamic, motivated and dedicated selfless team is no where possible.

My days in ISM is about to end and along with this comes an end to volunteering in Kartavya as student. However, Kartavya is now a part of life and it can’t be disassociated whatever be the circumstances. It is the verity that as student I can’t serve in Kartavya but as a citizen I always have right to serve my society and community whether it be through Kartavya or other way. Kartavya has shown me a path to divinity through selfless service and I would always be dedicated to it. It may be that in future the emotional attachment with this marvelous team makes my return and I would be glad to do so.

For now, I pass on all my best wishes to its future generation volunteers for integral and sustainable success of Kartavya and will always feel proud to work in this splendid team. Heartily thanks to each and everyone who were with me in this noble journey. May this journey return soon!

With heavy heart and moist eye,


April 13, 2013

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